‘Sinda MP is an organised fool’

‘Sinda MP is an organised fool’

ANTONION MWANZA TALKS FROM HIS STOMACH: I repeat, the Sinda MP is just an organized fool leading disorganized wise people.

_Jeff Mbewe_

No one argues that fluency in spoken English can never be a measure of wisdom and intelligence.

The point – those of us who have argued that the Sinda “Independent” Member of Parliament Masauso Tembo -is not fit to represent the people of Sinda – is not premised on his inability to speak English fluently.

Rather, we are concerned of his defective reasoning which espouses Neopatrimonialism – a system of social hierarchy where patrons use state resources and power to secure the loyalty of clients in the general population.

Once again, when Masauso Tembo says “If you do not support the President, because he is the one that signs money to drum a dam” what was his intention?

So what, if any single MP does not think in the same way Edgar Lungu thinks? So what if anyone does not support Edgar Lungu’s policies?

While Masauso did not say what he wanted to say correctly in the eyes of English -whatever the case – his message borders on ignorance on how distribution of resources – the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) – works as per our laws.

CDF must not, and is not disbursed at the compassion of President Lungu. Because ours is a democracy, MPs are free to denounce and disagree with the President and his party. The fact that distribution of CDF has been politicized to an extent that those who belong to the opposition are not given funding, does not mean representatives in the National Assembly must encourage this surge, in the manner the Sinda MP is trying to do.

With this in consideration, we must therefore not fail to draw a careful understanding why Antonino Mwanza is trying to sanitize Masauso over this issue. We all know there is no master of English – but even as we agree like so, the truth is Masauso was trying to say “the UPND MPs do not deserve to be given CDF because they denounce Edgar Lungu’s policies”

Understandably, Antonino Mwanza lost his character. It takes no much effort to prove this. In his article attempting to influence public opinion over cronyism of Masauso Tembo with his championing of Neopatrimonialism, the PF Deputy Media Director says:

“For those who don’t know Honorable Masauso Tembo, be informed that Honorable Masauso Tembo is a very successful business man who has done more for his people in Sinda Constituency…”

This Masauso, Antonino is talking about is an Independent Member of Parliament and NOT a PF MP. He wasn’t adopted by PF in 2016, after the party opted to adopt Gladys Banda as their candidate. If this is how Antonino and his friends in PF view Masauso – as a successful business man who has helped his people in the constituency – why did they adopt Gladys Banda instead of a person whom they highly regard and knew was a people’s person?

Herein lies hypocrisy of the highest order.

By the way, Antonio must not think Masauso is not known. In case he doesn’t know, many of us know what his business is and how he appears to be a successful businessman. The Sinda MP may seem to have money in the eyes of those that don’t know him. For some of us, we know that if regime changed hands today, these are people that will be reduced to what they are.

Antonino Mwanza must know – just in case he didn’t know – there will never be honor for crooks. Never!

As this thing goes to bed, let me state that, someone whose brain or rather thinking capacity has shifted to his stomach cannot be expected think logically – why? Because the stomach often has hunger and in this process, it affects whatever is hosts. A hungry person often loses his mind. When you know you know.

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