Singer Kanene arrested, detained at Chawama police

Singer Kanene arrested, detained at Chawama police

Singer General Kanene has been arrested for physically assaulting a 32-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Chawama compound, leaving her with a swollen face, black eye and general body pains.
Kanene is detained at Chawama police station but he is likely to be freed by president Edagr Lungu, whom he represents as ambassador on gender issues. He has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, which is just another way of saying the injuries he caused are serious.
If found guilty, Kanene faces up to five years in jail, and since he is a second offender, leniency is unlikely to be available for him. In a normal country run by a sane president, Kanene’s pardon for his earlier criminal case would be revoked, meaning he would serve that sentence as well.
President Edgar Lungu in July prematurely released Kanene from prison where he was serving an 18-year jail sentence for defilement, and appointed him gender-based violence ambassador.

Four days after his release, Kanene beat up one of his three wives after she allegedly denied him sex, an incident the singer said had happened before he went to prison.

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In the current case, Kanene, whose real names are Clifford Dimba, said that the woman was a prostitute who was trying to turnish his “big name”.

When asked why he beat up Modrine Chisenga, Kanene said: “Ayende uko sinimuziba. Obviously chinakolewa, nichi hule. Ine sinikambisana nama hule; yama tibela kuipa nga takolewa (Let her go away, I don’t know her. Obviously she is a prostitute. I don’t talk to prostitutes; they steal from us when we get drunk).”

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