Sinkamba has insulted unemployed youths

Sinkamba has insulted unemployed youths


The Supreme Council of African Youths (SCAY) a registered Youth led NGO with the National Development Council feels the gesture by the Green Party President Peter Sinkamba of paying K 30, 000 for Mr. Musenge Mwanyas debts and about K 25, 000 Paid towards Honorable Kampyongos debts which the two ministers and others accrued during their illegal stay in office after dissolution of parliament, is an insult to the Youths of Zambia who are suffering and hustling to find a living.
Mr. Sinkamba has shown us how unconcerned and non-sensitivity he is to the issues that the Youths are facing in Zambia. He has chosen to identify himself with irregularities in the governance of the country over the issues of the Youths and by so doing he has fallen out of favour in the eyes of those youths in streets, those youths who wake up every morning just to look for a K 100 for food and rent. His act has demonstrated to us as Youths that if Mr. Sinkamba is voted in office as President he will disregard the constitution hence he is not fit for the presidency. Instead of channeling his money to developmental issues, Mr. Sinkamba chose to sponsor and advance irregularities. These are leaders without Vision and misplaced priorities. Zumani Kebby SCAY Zambia President.

It is reported in most online Medias that Mr. Sinkamba Peter President of Green Party paid a sum of K 55, 000 towards the settling of the two named Ministers’ debts and has promised to clear the balances of the two ministers by 5th January, 2021.

SCAY Zambia wish to ask Mr. Sinkamba to channel his resources in helping the Youths in their studies and careers rather than been excited with making propaganda by helping people who seem to be broke when they have amassed a lot of wealth on an expense of the suffering youths in Zambia.

SCAY ZAMBIA would love to work with Mr. Sinkamba and other politicians who have a lot of money to address the problems the Youths are facing rather than throwing money in water.

Zumani Kebby

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