Sinkamba punches holes in Lungu’ statement

Green Party Leader, Peter Sinkamba has charged that President Edgar Lungu’s press conference last week was full of inconsistencies and contradictory statements.

Mr. Sinkamba in a telephone interview with QFM has cited the planned construction of an ultra modern international airport in Ndola at a cost of US$397 million as contradictory to the austerity measures announced by the President.

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba

He says the money which will be used to construct the airport in Ndola can be used to continue the construction of roads which have stalled due to lack of funding.

Mr. Sinkamba adds that the planned removal of subsidies on fuel will increase the cost of production and further affect the mining sector which is already grappling with low copper prices on the international market.

He further states that the President’s directive to increase electricity tariffs to cost reflective levels is another inconsistent and contradictory statement which will affect the mining companies once effected.

Mr. Sinkamba has since predicted more problems in the mining sector going forward.

He says this especially that the high cost of production is what is affecting mining companies other than the low copper price on the international market.

Mr. Sinkamba says President Lungu brought out more problems than solutions to the challenges facing the nation.

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