Sinohydro continues putting workers on risk


Dear Editor, No need to hide my ID.because I am saying the truth. Allow me to air my views in your esteemed paper on the above statement.I am very worried about the ignorance of the Chinese people to the protection of their workers.They’re constructing a power house called Kafue Gorge Lower project.Road construction and everything falls under.

A lot of dust is produced were workers are not given anything to drink to clean in their chest I have reported to you the Zambian watchdog because I know something about healthy remember life has no spare parts. It is time the Zambian government has to come in for the inspection of Zambian workers from the foreign employers as a whole.I don’t know where is the government because it has to inspect every now and then and to ask workers on the issues of safety. The other thing about the same employers the SINOHYDRO is their employing system they are bringing people from far as Nakonde to employee where local are there looking for the same job.Compare this project is in Kafue Gorge and transporting people from as far as Nakonde is very surprising.Labour minister has to come in and explain on this issue because he must be aware and if not what is he doing?Lastly,I wish to condemn the Zambian government that it is very weak because our country is controlled by the foreigners and indeed we are in the hands of foreigners.

Hamulamfu Victor
Caring and Concerned Zambian.

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