Sinusamba back at state house



State house Permanent Secretary Christa Kalulu, state house press aide Amos Chanda , state house Political aide Kaizar Zulu, Prisons Commissioner Chato, police IG Kanganja Kakoma, DPP and magistrate Simusamba currently at State house having a meeting.

The meeting is taking place in the cabinet room and no one including state house security and aides have been allowed to go in it like they usually do when their is a cabinet meeting.

The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss HHs fete, President Lungu is also upstairs in his office . It’s also unusual for him to be at the office this early because he usually comes to the office around 12 and leaves by 15. He only comes early when he is meeting with crooked investors or swearing in his friends.

All of them came through the gate at Brentwood drive which is only used by close family members and the President himself. All visitors and state house aides use the gate at Presidents lane and not Brentwood

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