Sinyinda charged with treason for organising Barotse meeting

Sinyinda charged with treason for organising Barotse meeting

Ngambela-SinyandiFormer Barotseland Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda has been charged with treason.

Sinyinda who appeared before Mongu Resident Magistrate Julius Malata will next appear in court on October 10.

The former Education Minister was arrested on Tuesday and joins 65 other Barotse activists on the charge sheet on the charge of treason.

Sinyinda is accused of being the brainchild of the seccession drive by the Western Province citizens.

The former Education Minister has suffered for chairing a Barotse National Council Meeting in March that declared the Barotseland of 1964 null and void.

Sinyinda is being represented by lawyer Major Charles Lisita of Central Chambers.

In this matter, it is alleged that Sinyinda on dates unknown but between March 26, 2012 and August 24, 2013, while acting together with people unknown, made preparations and endeavored to secede Western province from the rest of Zambia.

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