Per diem: BoZ creates committee to sensitise Kwacha rebasing

Though it already has a public relations department, the  Bank of Zambia (BoZ) has formed a committee called the Information Public and Awareness Committee to sensitize the public on the rebasing of the local currency.

BoZ Assistant Director for Banking, Fabian Hara, said the committee, which was formed under the project for rebasing of the kwacha, has also developed strategies that will educate the public on the process of rebasing.

He did not name the people on this committee.

Hara said the committee has been going round to various places which include schools, universities and other institutions.

He added that the committee has also been meeting interest groups to explain the process which is expected to be implemented this year.

Hara said this in an interview with ZANIS at the ongoing 55th Copperbelt Mining, Agriculture and Commercial in Kitwe.

Government announced the rebasing of the Kwacha which will see slashing of three zeros from all note meaning that the highest note K50,000 will be K50.

With committees still being formed, no one knows when the renasing will be done though the government had announced that it would be done by May 2012.

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