Situation for foreigners in Libya getting desperate

Zambia’s foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande told parliament Thursday that Zambian citizens are safe in Libya.
But reports from various sources indicate that the situation in Libya is becoming desperate for foreigners.
Rescue planes are failing to take off.
Airlines including Deutsche Lufthansa AG, British Airways and Emirates called off flights to Tripoli as Muammar Qaddafi tightened his grip over the Libyan capital and foreign governments hurried to evacuate citizens.
The Canadian government is considering sending in military airliners to evacuate citizens from Tripoli after a chartered private liner cancelled a flight scheduled for Thursday morning. {in the Photo. Stranded people outside Tripoli airport. AP
Lufthansa, Europe’s second-biggest airline, has canceled all flights from today until Feb. 27 following a travel warning byGermany’s Federal Foreign Office. Emirates has halted flights until March 26, while Qatar Airways won’t serve the destination until further notice.
And the Libyan government says it will regard foreign journalists who have crossed its borders as “terrorist collaborators,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement Thursday.
Libyan opposition is in control of eastern cities including Benghazi and Tobruk, while Qaddafi, the country’s leader, has vowed to fight to his “last drop of blood.” Countries including the U.S., China, the U.K. and Turkey are attempting to extract citizens by ferry across the Mediterranean or by specially scheduled planes.
Despite all these efforts by other countries, the Zambia government says ‘it is constantly monitoring the situation in Libya and putting in place measures to evacuate the 42 Zambians.’
Zambia on Wednesday tried to ask for lifts from the Malta but the government of that country has concentrated on evacuating its citizens.

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