Siulapwa wants protesting NGO members arrested



New Generation party president Humphrey Siulapwa says the police should arrest any member of the NGOs planning to protest next week.

In a press release from USA where he currently is, Suilupwa said  the police must not only arrest those who break the law, but successfully prosecute them and send them to jail.

He said his party strongly condemns the planed demonstrations against the acquittal of Chiluba.

He said those involved must realise that they are just creating arnachy and lawlessness.

“Most NGOS are being used without realising it. The masterminds of these demonstrations, just want to undermine President Rupiah Banda’s government and nothing else, ‘ he said

He said the planned demonstrations  are illegal.

” We call upon the police not to allow or give permit to the demonstrations because they are illegal and will compromise national security.

“Not long ago we saw what happed with the CBU students demonstrations. The so called peaceful demonstrations turned violent. What guarantee do we have that these will be peaceful.

“There is too much lawlessness in this country in the name of human rights,” said Silupwa.

He said that  “government must expedite the implementation of the NGO bill. Why should NGOS formed to look after orphans be calling for demonstrations over issues which have nothing whatsoever to do with their mandate?”

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