Siwale vows to reveal more about Mutaware

Siwale vows to reveal more about Mutaware


New Labour Party ( NLP) president Fresher Siwale has resorted to fight for the Zambian people over the injustice.

” Fighting begins now, the level of injustice in this country can not be explained, you can’t even imagine that we are in the 21st century, it’s like we are living in the stone age. It’s sad and so devastating that we have a system which incarcerates people who are speaking the truth about Edgar Lungu”, Said Siwale.

The NLP President further said, he is not afraid of Edgar Lungu and he can send him to to prison several times but will never improson the brutal truth that he is Jonathan Mutaware. Every Zambian shall know who Jonathan Mutaware is.

When Mr Siwale asked if there is someone or political party sponsoring him over Edgar Lungu’s real identity, he responded that, did Lungu paid me for being in prison. Even [he] Mutaware knows that I was PF and he knows how I dealt with late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Lungu has no character that can be defamed, he is just a common criminal, like all these other criminals languishing in jail. A person who can steal a late person’s identity is a common criminal, continued Siwale.

Jonathan Mutaware’s administration interfered with Human Resource department of government not to issue letters of reintroduction to court. That does not mean that I failed to organise surities, there are so many directors who were ready to sign as surities except the scared little man called Jonathan Mutaware interfered with the process, Said Siwale in response to question whether he failed to organise government surities.

Imagine if I have been telling lies about his identity, would he had locked me up and interfered with the surities?, he is just a scared little man using state police. We will face him in court because he has to produce his real identity in court. It’s him [Mutaware] to prove that he has a character that someone can defame, concluded wounded Siwale.

His counterpart in Mutaware revelation Mike Mulongoti said he was happy to see Mr Siwale granted a bail and disagreed with Dora Siliti Siliya that women in Zambia are most drunkard ones leaving the World’s number one alcohol consumer in state house.

Meanwhile Nason Msoni echoed with his colleagues and called the court process as rubbish and uncalled for before Peoples’ Party President Mike Mulongoti concluded with his remarks of encouraging vanished Petauke relatives of Edgar Lungu to bring the summon to him as soon as possible.

Mr Siwale spent more 30 days in prison in accusation of defaming Patriotic Front (PF ) President Edgar Lungu.

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