Six lecture theatres at Hone burnt, 70 students detained

Six lecture theatres at Hone burnt, 70 students detained

More than 70 Evelyn Hone College students have been locked up by police following demonstrations at the college this moring.

And six lecture theatres have been burnt during the riots.

The students were demonstrating against the PF regime’s decision to scrap off bursaries from students most of whom are from low-income families.

The students were also rioting over poor sanitary conditions and lack of accommodation.Evelyn-Hone

College Spokesperson, Mwelwa Mandona, claimed that the students burnt six classrooms at the institution.

Mr. Mandona said management was saddened by the conduct of the students.

He added that it was unfortunate that the students have resorted to damaging classrooms and wondered where they would be learning from.

 Mr. Mandona has also revealed that the students have destroyed other private property including the street lights along Church Road near Central Police.

Students, some of the them heavily battered by police and bleeding are detained in various police stations.

The rioting by Hone Students is the latest in the growing unrest and disaffection by Zambians of the PF regime’s failure to deliver on its promises.

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