Six year old girl defiled by HIV positive man

A six year old girl has been defiled by an HIV positive 18 year old juvenile of Shaputa village in Chibombo district.
Father of the victim Kennedy Malasha of Shaputa village in Chief Liteta’s area said that his daughter was defiled
last week on Thursday by Shared Mpowanga of the same village.
Mr Malasha said the incident happen when the girl who was playing by an ant hill was called by the defiler Mpowanga to assist him look after the goats upon which the boy pounced on the little girl.
Mr Malasha said the girl was immediately rushed to Liteta hospital where she was attended to and given medication.

He said his daughter who is still complaining of stomach pains refuses to take the medicines administered to her by the doctor at the hospital.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Solomon Jere also confirmed the arrest of Shared Mpowanga by Prospect police in Chibombo district.

Dr Jere said the suspect has since been released on police bond because of his poor health status and will appear in court in Kabwe on Friday 13th July 2012.

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