Slave trading is not job creation

Slave trading is not job creation


The PF government has collaborated with the Gulf region to send 1,000 Zambians per year to Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates to work as waiters/waitresses, drivers and maids.

Finance Minister and PF Chairperson for Commerce Hon. Mrs. Margaret Mwanakatwe made the announcement when she featured on the PF Interactive Forum at Chrismar Hotel yesterday.

The Minister proudly said this is fulfilling PF promises for jobs, as employment creation ranks top on its list of priorities.

Mwebantu, I am having difficulties with this type of reasoning. In fact this is cheap thinking and does not solve the challenges of our time; poverty, joblessness and inequality.

Firstly, it’s shocking that a Government Minister would proudly call this arrangement as job creation. The fact that goverment is pimping out its citizens to go and work as maids and waiters/waitresses in far away places is an indication of failure in itself to create sustainable jobs. In fact, this is modern day slave trading. It is perfectly fine if Zambians take up those jobs on their own, not government becoming a broker for slave trading and proudly calling it job creation.

Secondly, the Gulf region is a known place for extreme exploitation of workers and racism, and the objective reality is that most people who do jobs like waitress/waiter, drivers and maids get peanuts for long hours of work. The PF Government should consult East African Countries like Kenya, Burundu and Somalia who had their people working in the Gulf region, they were mistreated, no minimum wage, assaulted, starved, no human rights and paid peanuts. That is why no one wants to work there any more, but our government opportunistically want to slave trade Zambians ati job creation. Macabre!

Start thinking, make our economy to work and create sustainable jobs. Not this slave trading nonsense.

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