Slavery in Mumbwa – Amatheon

Slavery in Mumbwa – Amatheon
Dear Editor,(Hold my Identity)

Some time last year we reported the evils that one Germany company called Amatheon Agri was subjecting employees to, we wish to report that the situation is worse now as nothing has been done by the PF government even with all the reports people have been making to the relevant authorities, one particular individual who is behind all this is the racist Boer MD they engaged from Swaziland called Troy Minne together with one former criminal he employed as security manager called Schultz Aldridge who has been treating people like animals on suspicion of wrong doing, he beats and harasses people to the point of tying them on trees or anything and left there for as long as he wishes. Worse off the company HR Manager who is partially Zimbabwean Richard Kajokota is toothless and watches people being treated like animals. Below are matters that this company has been allowed to get away with and needing urgent intervention by authorities,
1. Intimidating and firing of employees at will – From the time this MD Troy mine took over he has fired over 95% of the Zambians he found at this farm replacing them with those who can worship him, Zimbabweans and fellow Boers with most of them working without permits.

2. Abnormal working times and conditions – People are made to report for work for as early as 4am with some being made to walk long distances without transport and subjected to the risk of being attacked by wild animals. Whoever complains they are asked to leave the company.

3. Wife to MD – Employees are made to worship the wife Jayne Minne who even has the audacity to insult and intimidate employees with dismissal when she is just wife to MD, qualified staff has been fired in the past just to facilitate her existence and promote their mischievous doings and stealing through irregular procurements.

4. Sideling Zambians – the MD has no regards or kind words for black Zambians and chooses to sideline them in a number of things such as providing accommodation, transport and entitlements, the man is a racist and considers blacks to be less human. It was reported in the past of how black Zambians were forced out of houses to accommodate whites, this is still happening and blacks are forced to go live at the all blacks housing camp.

5. Unlawful detention and threatening of employees – Employees are detained and handcuffed at will and threatened with guns in the presence of Mumbwa police officers who are believed to be friends with the said security manager Schultz Aldridge, currently we have a situation were junior staff are bribed to make accusations against senior staff failure to which such juniors are dismissed, all this is done in a bid to frame anybody who happens not to be in good books with the racist MD.
The list is endless of atrocities being committed at this farm, its slavery in its purest form, their CEO a Germany national Carl Bruhn based in Germany is fully aware of what is happening at this company, all the facts stated above are very correct and a number of victims of this are willing to testify, recorded and written facts are available, we ask that the Human Rights commission visit this place as this is clear violation of human rights further de-campaining Edgar Lungu and the PF should who should not complain if they don’t get votes in this area, people have complained and nothing is being done, We demand the immediate deportation of this MD Troy Minne and his friends.

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