‘Sleepy’ CCZ finally wokes up to condemn PF departure from campaign promises

Heads of Churches affiliated to the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) have noted with sadness the departure by the Patriotic Front government from the values and principles which they espoused during campaigns.
In a Pastoral Letter released to QFM News by CCZ General Secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale, following their gathering yesterday August 14, 2012, the Heads of Churches noted that the Patriotic Front (PF) came into power on the premise that it will respect the individual freedoms and rights of all citizens and residents, and that they will uphold the basic tenets of multi party democracy.
They however, say that it makes sad reading to see at this early stage a departure from the values and principles which the now ruling party espoused in their campaigns.
The CCZ Church leaders say they have noted with sadness the tendency for the ruling party not to embrace divergent views particularly from the opposition politicians.
They call upon the PF government to be inclusive, consultative within and without themselves and be willing to listen to the electorate.
They add that a culture of tolerance and respect for peers and all people should be entrenched in government and also in all citizens.
The CCZ church leaders say this act will enhance and help to galvanise all national interests towards social cohesion and sustainable development.
They have further called for professionalism in the police service and all law enforcement agencies so that the cause for law-enforcement is not misunderstood to be politically inspired.
They state that the right to free political speech should be protected, and should never give in to temptations that endanger the resolve to pay close attention to the sole purpose of governance, that is, addressing issues that affect the majority poor Zambians and to improve lives for all.
And the CCZ church leaders have described as the deportation of the Catholic Priest, Fr. Viateur Banyangandora, of Lundazi, as totally unacceptable and unfortunate.
They have since called for the nullification of his deportation so that the Priest can come back and continue his work of defending the poor as that is the core business of the Church.
They further describe his deportation as discriminatory and totally unjustified.
The Church leaders have also urged the government to help the nation grow its young democracy to maturity where governance is based on real objective decisions that would lead to development rather than for expediency.

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