‘Snake’ police officer’s wife now dies

‘Snake’ police officer’s wife now dies

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The wife to a Kabwe based police officer, Cosmas Banda at whose house a python-resembling snake was found has died after a short illness, raising some confusions between the deceased’s family and the husband.

Sources named the deceased as Maria Machuta, daughter to Paglory Teacher’s college Proprietor, a Pastor Machuta who has demanded that the funeral be hosted at his residence while the widower also wants to host the funeral. She died yesterday at Kabwe Mine hospital.

In March a dead huge snake with beads and an old currency K500 note tied to its body in suspected ritualistic manner was found in front of Banda’s house in Chowa police camp. Banda’s first wife has also been said to have died mysteriously and that shortly after his first wife’s death he was promoted and also started some thriving business.

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