Snapshot of job losses in 2019

Snapshot of job losses in 2019


Having been fired before my heart breaks for the below workers fired this year; the pain of a family losing an income is horrific. Food becames embarrassingly difficult to find, you most likely won’t manage to pay school fees and lose your home… imagine the pain and horror of the father that they now can’t provide for their children.

A Snap shot of Job losses 2019

12 September 2019

5000 workers sent home by Sino Hydro without notice.

August 9 2019

1000 miners and other workers have lost their jobs after Mopani terminated contracts for some mine contractors on the Copperbelt.

10 May 2019

600 direct employees of Mopani Copper Mines at Mindola North and Central shafts laid off following Mopani’s announcement to close the two shafts.

4 May 2019

About 400 workers employed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation in Kitwe and Chambishi will be laid before the end of this year

31 August 2019

100s of employees at Cavmont Bank are to lose their jobs after the bank announced that it was closing down four of its 19 branches.

The list goes on and on

Unless the goverment admits that they are failing and stop blaming every thing from natural causes to the global economy they won’t find a solution to our economy.

We have a power, Arguculture, Minies and Debt crisis all those are global ….

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