So minister Chilufya earns K6000 a day !

So minister Chilufya earns K6000 a day !


By: Anthony Bwalya  (UPND Member)

From her makeshift store, Mercy Chalwe used to make an honest not more than K150 per day from selling tomatoes. This is what used to put food on the table for her family, send children to school and provide healthcare.

Dr. Chitalu Chitalu Chilufya earned K6,000 PER DAY on public sector payroll for Six (6) years since 2013 doing a job none of us can quantify and even in court, he continues to enjoy the protection of the state and state institutions.

Many of you reading this come from a background of honest hardwork represented by Mercy Chalwe – a mother whose livelihood and the welfare of her household have mercilessly been sacrificed by the brutal, dictatorial, corrupt Patriotic Front (PF) regime of Edgar Lungu.

Like Mercy Chalwe, many of us were raised by mothers who toiled the streets of our country for a paltry but honest living so that we could eat and attain an education.

The culture of blatant criminality and a sordid appetite for fast money has the PF senselessly trampling and farting in the face of honest hardwork. The culture of leadership brought, and now being forcefully propagated by the PF and Edgar Lungu, is a culture of DEALS, HANDOUTS, CORRUPTION and pure THEFT; a decimation of all our collective systems of values and Christian identity.

By twice running down Mercy Chalwe’s makeshift store, the PF just confirmed one thing: they are here to protect big criminals at the expense of all of us and help big criminals make an easy killing while we all get sacrificed.

Zambians have not forgotten how the PF regime, using a calculated scheme of institutional thuggery and criminality, abruptly cancelled the timber harvesting and processing licenses for Zambians, only to allow known government criminal elements to take over the Mukula value chain to earn themselves and the PF money exceeding $2bn over 8 years.

This is exactly what they have done by systematically bypassing Zambians and handing over a known $1bn gold value chain to entities and individuals with known links to corruption and mass murder on a monumental scale.

Zambians have also not forgotten how the PF regime, against all common sense and logical thinking, executed a $20bn debt funded corruption scheme framed as infrastructure development program, with 63% of this money literally stolen while condemning several generations of Zambians to a life of poverty and destitution.

This is the same PF regime that facilitated and oversaw the systematic diversion of $3.5m of social cash transfer goodwill money to fund their dirty political activities of instigating and heavily funding by-elections in opposition strongholds to create a mirage of popularity for themselves – foolish thinking.

And while our colleagues in South Africa have launched investigations into COVID19 related personal protective equipment fraud involving politicians, the PF has been at the front and center of siphoning COVID19 donations for private benefit while our frontline workers continue to go without crucial PPE.

Is it not this same PF regime, that have turned the Ministry of Health into an axis of grand corruption, with the fraudulent procurement of ambulances at $11m, ambulances which never arrived; and the issuance of a $17m contract to a non-existent company, against public procurement guidelines.

In 2021, Zambians must never forget.

2021 is the year we remember our shared suffering and affirm our collective desire and commitment to building a Zambia that works for all of us, not just the PF and those affiliated and addicted to its culture of corruption and unexplained money.

2021 is the year we take our country back.

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