So PF central committee will meet without Kabimba the CEO?

So, the Patriotic Front Central Committee will meet tomorrow (Friday 18/10/13) in the absence of party chief executive Wynter Kabimba?

Actually initially the meeting was supposed to take place on Saturday 19/10/13.

We hear this new date has been specifically set to make sure Kabimba who is somewhere in Latin America does not attend?

But that is PF. Anything that does not make sense goes.

Be that as it may, the PF is the ruling party so people are bound and do have expectations from that meeting of thugs.

For those who may not be familiar, there are two groups in the PF wrangle. There is the team Wynter Kabimba that includes the Post Newspapers and team GBM that includes a horde of unrepentant party thugs.

We do not expect these two teams to compromise.

The truth is that Team GBM wants Kabimba to leave the party and nothing less than that will satisfy the thugs.

If for some reason the meeting resolves that the two teams should reconcile, that reconciliation wilL only be on paper.

Battle lines are drawn.

A temporary reconciliation will just act like a Volcano waiting to erupt.

But if reconciliation will be the resolution of the meeting, then team Wynter Kabimba will have won but just for a while.

Just for a while because team GBM would go underground and decamping Kabimba.

GBM being a rich thug can easily penetrate the party structures. Illiterate political cadres like people like GBM.

The other option the central committee of PF may consider is to strip Kabimba of the position of party secretary general and leave him with that of Minister of Justice because in this position, he will only be answerable to his business partner President Sata.

If this scenario happens, team GBM will have won but just for a while. Just for a while because Kabimba would now use state machinery to fix team GBM.

In case the meeting resolves to expel Kabimba and Sata drops him as Minister, definitely team GBM would have won.

If they suspend Kabimba still team GBM would have won. Anything that will be surcharged on Kabimba will have given team GBM a victory regardless of the magnitude.

What we should keep in mind though is that Kabimba’s strength in the Meeting will rely on Guy Scot, Chuumbwe, Emmanuel Chenda and Sylvia Masebo who we hear is out of hospital.

Unless Kabimba flies in tonight, they he will not personally attend the meeting. And even if he flies in, most of the agenda heads are about him so he may be asked to leave the meeting.

GBM will also certainly not attend the meeting because he is not a member of the Central committee. GBM will rely on bullies like Willie Nsanda and Jean Kapata. Wynter’ sponsors the Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchitos of this world will not be in the meeting. Most of district commissioners and diplomats he influenced to be appointed including his mother in-law will not be around. Most parastatal heads he appointed including his brother in marriage Charles Mushota of Roads Development Agency will also not be around because they are not members of the so called central committee.

In team GBM the only notable person who will not be around is GBM himself. The Jean Kapatas Alfredah Kansembele, Willie Nsanda, Samuel Mukupa Alexandra Chikwanda, Chishimba Kambwili,and the Nkandu Luos of this world will be around.

From this deduction you can tell that Wynter Kabimba does not have numbers. The reason is simple, Kabimba’s team is not in Central committee. They meet in Bwinjimfumu at the Post Newspapers to be précise.

Most of team GBM members are in the central committee. This means that if the motion to expel or slap Kabimba with any disciplinary measure was put to a vote, Wynter is likely to lose. We say likely because PF is the mother of Donchi kubeba so anything can happen. Wynter also has a better chance of winning depending on how Guy Scott can convince Michael Sata. And that is why his absence from Zambia is so crtical to this meeting.

All what we stated above are just expectations and not facts. Otherwise what we should all know is that PF is Sata and Sata is PF. Wynter’s fate is in Sata’s hands. Fred M’membe may write an editorial threatening Sata tomorrow morning and Sata will veto whatever resolutions the central committee will make against Kabimba.

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