So USA recognised Lungu from hotel room?

Binwell Kunda writes:


I stand by what I wrote yesterday, Amos CHANDA is trying hard to paint a clean picture of what is going on in America but to the contrary.

First of all, where on earth will you find a head of state being met at a hotel corridor on a non business working day(Saturday) to discus important national bilateral talks!! Shame this is only seen from a Zambian Leader. I will show you pictures of well respected president’s later in the day.

Look at how lies have short legs, Amos said and I qoute:-

“Speaking during a closed door meeting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York yesterday, the US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs said her government recognises President Lungu’s re-election and advised him to promote political dialogue as Zambia’s Head of State.”

Kikikiki Amos for real? I thought closed door meetings are supposed to be private, I take it that was a fake or public meeting because all of you heard what was being discussed in the closed door meeting.

So this was a closed door meeting, how do we know all this? Is it coming from the Lungu Vuvuzela or Deadnbc.

Amos in your twisted report you said Ms Greenfield said although the electoral process had numerous flaws the election was free and fair? Like really and serious? Can’t you see the contradiction? How can a system that is corrupt with numerous flaws produce a legitimate president? Mukazinama bwino booza.

Amos should read the jimmy Carter report and Press Statement by John Kirby Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington. Sir you are paid to tell Zambians the truth not this taka-taka lies.

The fact that this statement is issued by Amos Chanda would make anyone doubt it’s credibility. And the fact even he Amos Chanda is hinting at and referencing ‘election flaws’ and ‘closed media’ means these issues were the major topic and Lungu may have been given a beat down on them.

And what’s more, there is no independent media to verify the statement because The humble one, aka Kim Jun UN of Zambiahas silenced them all. It’s ridiculous to think these guys can even walk with their heads high without any shame – they know they never won any way.

You can try to tell people that you won and Have the victory, but you can never tell God the same because you know of what you did.

Brothers and sisters, if you see any article ending with these words quoted,”This is contained in a statement from the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda” Then read in between the lines.

These press secretaries in Zambia have a poor reputation of issuing lies and spin doctoring everything so much that they can deny that someone is sick even when the doctor is in the process of signing a death certificate.

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