So what has Lungu achieved with his state of emergence?


Its almost three weeks now from the time this drunkard Tyrant Edgar Lungu declared a state of emergency. Now , apart from scaring away investors and tourists and tarnishing Zambia’s image abroad, what has the idiot achieved ?

I was in Livingstone over the weekend and it is plain to see that tourists are no longer visiting our country. The lodges are empty and the tourists we met by the Mosi-o-Tunya said they just came to view the river from the Zambian side then return to the Zimbabwen side where they are sleeping to avoid people stopped and searched by the Zambia police any how. Tourists talked to say they fear to be in Zambia especially after 18 hours as there is a curfew and anyone found outside can be arrested and detained or deported without trial. These are the types of things Lungu has achieved.

It will take a long time to rebuild Zambia and make the world believe that Zambia is safe again.

As for Zimbabweans and other neighbouring countries, they are actually happy that Zambia is gown down. One Zimbo I met said you Zambians thought you were special and that your country is peaceful and democratic but very soon you will be refugees in Zimbabwe.

Chileshe O.


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    dickman 7 months

    The editor of Zambia Watch Dog is an idiot, and should know the he does`nt have children because those we know were donated to him. You should have have respect to the President you stupid Editor. ZamPol should arrest this malicious idiotic editor and his reporters.

  • Like I have always said and I will say it again, ba watchdog you’re irrelevant to society because you’ve lost it and time for you to accept defeat

  • Idiots stop insulting the president, which livingstone where there are no tourist? If you are full and you don’t have what to do just start shitting.

  • whether u insult our president it’s ur business on my part am happy with his leadership he has tolerated stupidity & he thought pipo would change & moreover its not state of emergency its threatened state of emergency u dull pipo learn to understand before posting ,God is with u our beloved president

  • So what has hikainde achieved by belittling his excellency

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    Precious Mbuto 7 months

    We have to try and get some respect back for ourselves, only then will others respect us and we can keep building our country. I trust the good Lord wants my children to have a strong and good life and for this we need a proud country. I wish are leaders would focus on the economy and make our companies work and not be an embarrassment and argue worse than my babies!!

  • insultng da president like dat ie GOD IS WATCHNG GOD BLESS U MORE AND MO YEARZ U

  • Guys is calling the head of state an idiot right, lets respect our present with all due respect

  • You’re fool and very stupid

  • tht true, lungu alungusha zambia, evry thing is burning now,

  • Shame on you too idiot..

  • some pipo are illirate n stupid……go back 2 school n reorganise yo brains u such disappointing citizens ati state of emergence read n understand these thngs b4 u get embarrassed

  • Lungu Tulefwaya,alee Sontapo Nomba Iwee.

  • The opposition knows how to give blessings for sure

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    Imweba upnd u re just idiots u condenm anything
    even wht is benefiting u kususha mwembwamwe mwilatuka bakateka mweng’ombe mwe tamwakate as long as God is in heaven.

  • Am Based In Livingstone I See Ba Zungus,all Over ,

  • This is total rubish!! learn to respect the head of state ba chimbwi!!?

  • Watchdogs or human dogs have tried to divide us but have failed,and Zambia for Peace and very peaceful forever.

  • Drunkard Tyrant??!! Awe sure. This World!!!

  • haters stop posting abusive statement.

  • Watchdog , what are your comments about this spate of sabotage which had rocked Zambia ?

  • Ulimbwa zoona and the fingers you’re using to type are rotten!

  • When you plant maize you don’t expect to reap beans so the results of his acts is what you should expect nothing more

  • There is no state of emergence in zambia.

  • Which ever posted this comment. Have respect for the president.

  • Which part of Zambian cerfew is in effect?

  • u think u helping when u call his excellence Mr.president Edgar Chagwa lungu a fool when all u are doing proving to us all dat u are a good for nothing disrespectful brat dat u are.

  • Zicta should close this media

  • You won’t achieve anything by insulting the heard of state learn to respect the presidency

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    Colonel Uso 7 months

    The only reason for declaring a state of emergency is to hide the incompetency of the man in state house. It is unnecessary and the only beneficiary of the state of emergency is ECL.

  • The idiots are Bantustan. Why should our beloved president be insulted by uncircumcised Bantustans craps ?

  • I think the baboons are also making matters worse with their activities thank God they are not humans they would have been arrested for vandalism

  • has the state of emergence even started?

  • Thats what pure hate luks like,purity rating 99.9%..If it was cocaina it wud kick the shit outta u

  • You surely refer to the Head of State as idiot?? Awe kwena today I have seen that you are untouchable! I’m so hurt.

  • Zambians shall never be refugees in any country, even if Lungu’s Government is bad, there will be a time when there will be NO P.F and a different government shall take over, peace will be restored again, Lungu/P.F will never be in power forever, everything have got its own time. Zambians shall never be refugees to any country.

  • your job is arresting citizens

  • liars, I sell crafts and our many buyers are tourists, tourits are their and they don’t even know what you are talking about

  • Why are you misleading the public that there is a state of emergency?

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    Tasila 7 months

    Chilungu ati your president masipa , no wonder he dreams of faecal matter just like himself. Very soon the faeces will be all over for pipo to see them . Can’t wait to see him grow faeces every where. By then u will be able to tell who is clever . Ba Stupid