So what has Lungu achieved with his state of emergence?

So what has Lungu achieved with his state of emergence?


Its almost three weeks now from the time this drunkard Tyrant Edgar Lungu declared a state of emergency. Now , apart from scaring away investors and tourists and tarnishing Zambia’s image abroad, what has the idiot achieved ?

I was in Livingstone over the weekend and it is plain to see that tourists are no longer visiting our country. The lodges are empty and the tourists we met by the Mosi-o-Tunya said they just came to view the river from the Zambian side then return to the Zimbabwen side where they are sleeping to avoid people stopped and searched by the Zambia police any how. Tourists talked to say they fear to be in Zambia especially after 18 hours as there is a curfew and anyone found outside can be arrested and detained or deported without trial. These are the types of things Lungu has achieved.

It will take a long time to rebuild Zambia and make the world believe that Zambia is safe again.

As for Zimbabweans and other neighbouring countries, they are actually happy that Zambia is gown down. One Zimbo I met said you Zambians thought you were special and that your country is peaceful and democratic but very soon you will be refugees in Zimbabwe.

Chileshe O.

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