So what is Zambia?

By David Chitundu
Since 2100 BC, China has had 18 dynasties before the formation of the Republic of China in 1912. With the Qin dynasty reigning from 1644 to 1911. Enough time to build and develop a culture as a people.
Zambia, only 54 years old. Apart from the fact that we are born in a nation called Zambia. What else gives us identity? Who are we? Do we have a song? A sound? Are we hard workers? What do we love to eat? And dont say refined maize Nshima because if was developed by the west and processed to feed servants and give them energy for hard labour.
Apart from roasting each other? Insulting our own soccer players which should be out national pride regardless of performance. And yes we roast our own but the moment someone else roasts our own we go after them and protect our own.
Under the hood of being a Christian nation, we borrow and not pay back, integrity is almost zero, we love alcohol, we bribe policemen and women.
We have an identity crisis, we do not know who or what to stand for. The sooner we reunite and figure out who we are. We will stand up. We need a new anthem to begin with. One that speaks of the struggle against colonialist powers is not inspiring to the larger population under 25. Not to mention that we copied the tune from Enoch Sontonga’s hymn Nkosi Sikilel’ Afrika. Zimbabwe and Namibia once used it too but have since adopted new compositions.
We need our song. A new general song.
China has the little red book that was distributed to all homes in China with quotes such as; “Knowledge begins with practice, and theoretical knowledge, which is acquired through practice, must then return to practice.
The active function of knowledge manifests itself not only in the active leap from perceptual to rational knowledge, but – and this is more important – it must manifest itself in the leap from rational knowledge to revolutionary practice” is a quote from Chairman Mao, The Little Red Book on Methods of Thinking and Methods of Work. The Little Red Book is a compilation of Mao’s quotes of various topics.
It was distributed to every household in China and kids grew up reading about the basics of life. Some sources say over 6.5 billion printed copied have been distributed. The social impact of the distribution of this book can be seen in the frugality of Chinese inventions and tact. And it is for sure not an accident that China is where it is today. Libya too had ‘The Green Book’ written by Gaddafi that might have been inspired by The Little Red Book
The flag in the picture is the Northen Rhodesian Flag from 1939 to 1953.

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