So which UPND members has returned to PF?

It has been more than one week now since president Edgar Lungu announced that former PF leaders and members who ditched PF to join UPND would return to PF.

Lungu said that he had been told by the intelligence that once HH picks his running mate, the UPND would break up and all former PF members will go back to PF.

Lungu even ordered his remaining members to embrace the ‘prodigal’ sons

I have been waiting to hear when Miles Sampa, Guy Scott, Judge Ngoma and many others will return to PF. Alas, all I see is these people of Sata intensifying their campaigns for HH, a week after HH picked his running mate.

Was the president misled again? Is the OP deliberately embarrassing Lungu? And, why would Lungu wish these people to return when he and his handlers insulted them when they left by saying they are not factors?
My view is that Lungu’s advisors are deliberately feeding him with wrong information. I hear most state house officials have already made contacts with UPND.

It is really embarrassing that despite the presidential public announcement, not even one cadre returned to PF.
Lungu has really destroyed Sata’s party.

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