So who sent those thugs ?

So who sent those thugs ?

It is interesting that senior PF and government officials are falling over each in condemning PF supporters who hounded out and threatened to burn civil servants aligned to the opposition, UPND in particular.

We note and endorse the condemnation and the action by police to arrest those PF cadres, if indeed they have been arrested.

But wait a minute! Whose language are those thugs speaking? Who is the main beneficiary of that misconduct? On whose behalf was the civil servant traumatised?

In the Novel ‘Imprisonment of Obatala’, Eshu asks ‘did you think you can defecate on the road then expect to find no flies on your way back’?

The PF leaders are directly responsible for what those cadres did.

Here is why:

No day passes without a senior PF and or government official issuing hate speech against UPND.

Even right now as you are reading this, there is some senior government or PF official on radio or TV airing hate speech against certain members of this society.

The PF media team led by Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza has done a very ‘good’ job in dividing this country. Now, on whose behalf are they doing this? Just listen very carefully to the divisive language deployed by Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza when ever they are on air. It is carefully crafted to mobilise hatred against certain members of the Zambian society. And this is now bearing fruits. There is not a single programme where one of these PF officials will appear without making reference to tribe. The language is deliberately crafted. And their supporters are certainly listening and decoding the intended message. Their supporters have come to believe that it is ok and commendable to hate and take action against any UPND supporter in government. Eventually, they will take it that it is ok to burn any UPND supporter any where you find them. We don’t blame the PS who failed to protect the poor woman. The PF lives in this country and knows what is going on. The PS knows and understands that according to PF silent manifesto, UPND sympathisers should not be in government. The PS understood that if he was seen to be protecting the woman from those PF thugs, his job was going to be on the line. This is what is actually happening in government. How many civil servants, police officers have been fired for allegedly being UPND supporters in the past few years?

It is therefore hypnotical for Sunday Chanda or Antonio Mwanza to attempt to condemn the cadres who are simply following their advice.

Harassing of UPND officials in government and quasi government offices is the order of the day. The only difference this time is that the assault was caught on camera. It embarrassed the government.

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