So why isn’t Chitotela suing Chifire?

So why isn’t Chitotela suing Chifire?

A Challenge to Ronald Chitotela: Sue Chifire if you are not corrupt.

We have read statements from both Gregory Chifire and Ronald Chitotela the PF Minister of Infrastructure and his supporters on his facebook page and strange enough most of them women.

Chifire says Chitotela and his Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota directed the Roads Development Agency (RDA) to buy for them brandnew Toyota Landcruiser VX. The vehicles were registered in their names. We have to state here that this information is not new to us. We are the ones who broke that story.

We said this is what caused the dismissal of Loyce Saili as RDA Director Corporate Affairs and a Mrs. Ngoma Director Legal.

Chitotela in response threatened to take legal action against Chifire. We want to tell Chitotela that lawyers, Magistrates and Judges are back from Christmas and Newyear holidays. This is the reason there were official opening of High Court sessions around the country in case Chitotela does not know since the only thing he knows is to steal. Sue Gregory Chifire . You can include the Watchdog in your suit.

Do not give an excuse of Chorela outbreak. One lawyer is all you need. As for Chifire we will help you with information. Gregory. When you go to court please plead justification and get hold of us. We will then give you information that you will use including.

1. Why Avic International gave him K2.5million two days after being appointed Minister of Infrastructure.

2. Where he got the money to purchase 20 tipper trucks that have been subcontracted to Avic.

3. What role he played to help Edgar Lungu acquire the Blue Nile Lodge in Chawama now called Ndozo Lodge.

4. How the Ministry of Infrastructure acquired a building opposite ZICTA head offices from Turkish businessmen at a Cost of US8million.

Where is the valuation report for this building? Did’nt officers from Office of the Solicitor General object to this? Which law firm was the transaction advisor? Gregory. We can assure you that once you are taken to court, the constitution though being abused by these Paya Farmer or Panga Family (PF) guarentees right to fair trial. You will subpoena the concerned institutions to release the information. As for you Chitotela Ex Cop turned criminal we say please twapapata sue Chifire.

However, even if you do not sue him, we say your days are numbered. Edgar Lungu whom you are cutting deals with together with Avic, Clint Sichamba of Ndozo and Michelo of Inyatsi Construction shall not be in that seat Forever.

Ask Richard Sakala of the Daily Nation Newspapers. We just hope that even him Sakala will not be jailed again. This time for a long haul.

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