Soccer commentator right: Zambia is ravaged by poverty

By Antonio Mwanza

I have seen alot of people on social media venting their anger on the football commentator for saying that Zambia is a country ravaged by poverty.
To be honest I find this anger extremely misdirected because the commentator simply stated the truth. It is a notorious fact that Zambia is a nation ravaged by poverty. Zambia is a very poor country. Rather than venting our anger at the commentator for stating the obvious truth we should instead direct that anger to ourselves; we should be angry and ashamed of ourselves that despite abundant natural resources, despite 52 years of independence, despite the majority our population being youthful, Zambia is in deep economic malaise. We should direct that anger to ourselves and look deep within us and summon that inner strength to come together and fight the excruciating hunger, the dehumanising poverty, disease, mass unemployment and the general squalor and intolerance that the majority of our people are living in.
In America they say don’t hate the player, hate the game. It’s unwise to have beef with someone for simply stating the truth. Yes the truth hurts, but the truth can not be wished away, it must be confronted. So I urge all my comrades who are uncomfortable with the poor state in which our country is in to use that anger for positive contribution, positive mind and positive change.

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