Soccer, Israel and Zambia’s next president

Dear editor

Iam a keen follower of the ZWD but I have never posted anything until this time when I have been forced to do so by one blogger who has brought in the  issue of ISRAEL. After reading the article headed “PRAYERS FOR CHIPOLOPOLO AND THE FLAG OF ISRAEL”, I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility  to  respond with the following facts. I will briefly talk about the land of Israel and how we as a country are directly related to it. I will then espouse on the history of the black Jews of Zambia and the untold role that Zambia’s Jewish community has played on the Presidency of Zambia from the time of KK through FTJ, Levy, RB; how Sata rose to power and how he will exit.
I agree with the author of the chipolopolo article that Israel no longer enjoys the preferential treatment it was promised to enjoy as a chosen nation; a royal priesthood; a special people because of disobedience (SIN)! Israelites were given that land on special conditions some of which were that once they constitute a government, it should be a government of Hayahcracy. Hayahcracy is the style of leadership that governs the Kingdom of Heaven.
This type of governance borders on laws that are passed in the third heaven known as the 613 righteous moral laws,  which laws were given to the prophet Moshe (Moses) as a template of the Israeli government. They were further forbidden against worships idols depicting the gods of the people who initially occupied the land of promise including a warning against copying the way of life of surrounding nations. However, they broke this divine covenant they made with YAHWAH their loving creator who brought them out of Egypt as slaves and delivered them into the land he promised their ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Yahcob (Jacob). Once they were there, they discriminated against the law given to them through the prophet Moshe and started living a life exactly opposite to how they were advised to live.
YAHWAH the all knowing, all loving creator of the universe and all that fills it foretold what would happen after such  disobedience.  As a punishment he foretold in Mathew 21:43 that he would take away his Kingdom from them and restore it to another nation. The prophet Isaiah was in Yirishalom (Yerusalem) when he prophesied in Isaiah 33:17 that ‘a land far off from Israel’ and the prophet Zephaniyah described this land as being situated beyond the rivers of Ethiopia Zephaniyah 3:10; a land to which all nations from the East, West, South and North shall stream for salvation Luke 13:29. It must be acknowledged here that at that time Africa was not partitioned and described by the names of its countries as the case is today. It was one vast forest known as Ethiopia which means the land of burnt faces (Kush or black if you like) and was described by its long rivers which includes the Blue Nile, White Nile and Lake Victoria which ends in Tanzania, which rivers were collectively known as the rivers of Ethiopia. I will cut this history short but let me briefly talk about the Black Jews of Zambia before I talk about the Presidency of Zambia and how this Jewish community has had an impact on who goes to plot 1 and how long he lasts.
After the conquest of King Yoshiyah of Israel by king pharaoh Necho of Egypt, Jews scattered and settled in different parts of the world (Ezekyah-Ezekiel 36:19-20). Some were taken as war captives into Egypt but later escaped and migrated down to the southern part of Africa through Adamawa highlands and into Ethiopia were some settled. Queen Maseda of Shebah (Ethiopia) returned to Israel to seek for wisdom from wise King Solomon (Mathew 12:42) and whilst there she got married to King Solomon and when she returned to Ethiopia she was pregnant. She then gave birth to Menerek and subsequently many more Black Jews were born in Ethiopia and the Emperor HailleSelase is one of these direct descendants of wise King Solomon. Most of us can remember that in 1985 there was an official relocation or the return of the Black Jews from Ethiopia  where about 8000 of them voluntarily returned to Israel and a further 10 000 were air lifted by the government of Israel back to their motherland. The migration of Jews from Egypt via Adamawa highlands and Ethiopia continued up to the Eastern part of what is today known as Zambia in Central Africa. Their royal HQs was in SINDA district. Those of you from Sinda will agree that there is a huge about six killometres north of Chassa Secondary School. This rock is known as Mount Sivwa by the locals and on it are engraved some words that tourists who have there have failed to interpret. I wish to inform Zambians the language on that rock Hebrew (our language). This is the Hebrew that was given to Adam and Eve but got lost. In Zephaniyah 3:9, YAHWAH the author of languages foretold through the prophet Zephayah that in the final part of the last days, he would restore this pure language to his people. Zephaniyah 3:10 points to the lacation were this restoration would occur. It says in the land situated beyond the rivers of Ethipoia. You must know that at that time when the prophet Zephaniyah was prophesying, Africa was only known as Ethiopia. Ethiopia means people of burnt faces and the prominent features of this land known today as Africa were its rivers, these being the Blue Nile, White and Lake victoria. Now, the word engravements on that rock as I said are written in the Hebrew different from that spoken by today’s Jews  including those in Israel. It is pure Hebrew that can only be interpreted by the Kingdom of YAHAWA  the language spoken in the third heaven . Translated in English the words must read, “HEBREW SONS EXILED TO THE SOUTH; DISPERSED PEOPLE OF YAHWAH (Ezekyah/Ezekiel 36:19). In fact, in the early 1960s some Jews who had settled in other parts of the world planned to relocate and join their brothers in Zambia so that they could also help elevate Zambia to economic heights that they have elevated most countries in which they have settled, prominent among these countries are our three brothers  America (land of Menasheh/Manaseh), Britain (land of Ephraim) and France (land of Reuben) and also Germany and South Africa . For interest’s sake, Britain was named by the Jews who first settled there led by Ephraim. The word ‘British’ is not English but a purely Hebrew word from ‘ Berit-ish’ . In Hebrew, Berit means covenant and ish means man. Therefore, British means ‘man of the covenant’. However, the same reasons that frustrated their brothers who at the time were building UNZA and other infrastructure are the reasons that frustrated their plan to join their Zambian jewish brothers. Kenneth Kaunda knows this story very well but because he feared that this blessed seed would pose a challenge to his Presidency, he ensured that their existence in Zambia is hidden even from the academic syllabus of Zambia. Be informed dear Zambians that the promised Kingdom of Yahwah (Daniel 2:34 and 44; Luke 17:20) which satan the devil through her visible and invisible agents has changed to be known as the kingdom of God is already restored to Zambia and currently its handful of members gather for prayers every Sabbath within Lusaka. Satan disguised the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven on planet Earth by replacing the divine and hallowed name “YAHWAH” with a title ‘God’. However, this is a subject for later.
Kenneth Kaunda
On 13th August 1990, two messengers from the Kingdom of YAHWAH took a petition to state house which carried a message about the speedy downfall of KK and his UNIP. On this day the officers on duty informed the messengers who were dressed in royal crowns that KK was out of the country and were advised to return the following day which they did. On the 14th the following day the messengers left the petition and after that, UNIP started falling speedily from grace. August is dry season but on those two days the metrological department can confirm today from their records that it rained in Zambia.
On 18th October 1991, FTJ held a press conference at Intercontinental Hotel . Brigadier Gen Miyanda was in attendance and many diplomats also attended. At this press conference, Chiluba was handed a scroll by the prophet from the Kingdom which carried the divine name of the creator YAHWAH. In effect this meant that he had been enthroned and sealed as a chosen President of Zambia by YAHWAH who art in   the third heaven. The National Mirror of 19th October 1991 briefly covered this story under the column “Roger Chongwe beaten in Chaisa” and ZNBC captured this live at Inters and they can recover the footage from their archives. It came to pass. In February 1993 ZNBC hosted the prophet on kwacha good morning Zambia. Among the many things he spoke about were solutions to the many problems facing the world and its governments. After that the prophet wrote to the G7 countries including the UN advising them to intervene in the land wrangles afflicting Israel. A copy of this letter was handed to the Israeli and Palestinian Embassies. Prominent in this letter was a warning to Prime Minister Isaac Rabin that if he did not implement the divine guidance contained therein, he would descend to the grave. The letter was written in English but this particular advise to the Prime Minister was captured in Hebrew. It came to pass that due to disobedience of this divine message from the third heaven, sent by YAHWAH through his representatives on planet earth (Zechariah 4:11 and 14; Revelations 11:4) Prime Minister Isaac Rabin was assassinated and he surely descended to the grave. Because of the G7s interest in the Prophet, FTJ felt uncomfortable and forced him into exile in Mozambique where the Prophet stayed for some time before returning to Zambia secretely.
I have decided to skip Levy and RB so as to cover current events. However, this is not to mean that the two gentlemen were clean. Both of them have been victims of disobedience to YAHWAH. In fact RB said during the inauguration of Michael that “maybe we did not listen”.
Michael Sata
On 30th September 2006 Sata received a divine message from the Kingdom of YAHWAH through the prophet. In this letter he was addressed as Your Excellency The President of the Republic of Zambia, why because despite the loss to Levy, he was already chosen and sealed as President by the Third Heaven. In fact, Levy was to suffer divine punishment for rigging the elections and thereby delaying the heavenly from taking place.  In this letter Satawas consoled over the electoral loss and told precisely about events that would befall the MMD and that after these events come pass, he would rise to Zambia’s throne in a fashion more celebrated than FTJ’s 1991 historic revolution. It came to pass. On 30th September 2011 Sata was written another letter by the Kingdom and to it was attached the 2006 letter as a reminder. State house staff must track these letters from among those received between 31/09/11 and 05/10/11. Prophesies contained in the 2006 letter includes the fatal blow of death in the MMD cabinet as punishment for rigging the Presidential elections, the subsequent speedy downfall of the MMD government and the rise of Michael to power. He was also advised to avoid war due to anger from the loss because a civil war is a sophisticated evil machinery which defies all peaceful methods of settlement. Michael was further told in this same letter that YAHWAH who has chosen you as President will give you a sign from the third heaven that he has condemned the MMD’s rigging of elections and that this will be early rains starting on 1st October 2006. The metrological department can confirm from their records that on this date it rained in Zambia.
Unfortunately Sata has behaved in exactly the same manner that the Israelites behaved when they reached the promised land. He has already disobeyed YAHWAH who chose and enthroned him to the Presidency of Zambia. It must be acknowledged that it is this disobedience that Israel has never known peace since its restoration in 1948. As for you your Excellency Mr Sata, its game over and its just a matter of time. It took three years for YAHWAH to deliver the punishment upon the MMD government from the time it was prophesied to you your excellency. How long it will take to relieve you of the Presidency of this blessed land of promise is a matter of time too. On 18th July 2012, the Kingdom wrote another letter to Sata and delivered it to state house the same day. The message in this letter was that YAHWAH who elevated Sata to the Presidency is disappointed with him and as punishment, political times and seasons will now change. YAHWAH seals his messages with natural signs and to seal this message to Michael, YAHWAH sent a tremor (mini earthquake) which we all felt in the early hours of 18th July 2012. The metrological department can confirm this and in fact news bulletins of the same day talked about this tremor. My advise to all those perpetrating violence against YAHWAH’s people (Zambian innocent citizens) is that tone down ladies and gentlemen. The failures of your PF government have not been caused by any of those you are attacking by your leader Michael through his blatant arrogance and disobedience
In the same manner that FTJ, Levy and Michael were chosen, sealed, informed and raised, Zambia’s next President has already been chosen and informed to start preparing in every sphere. To avoid speculation he is not any of the opposition party leaders currently bracing themselves for 2016.  This chosen young guy will soon bring the subsidies debate to an end by offering to meet the costs of subsidies in all their form; fuel, Miller consumer and agriculture. This offer will come from a political party and will happen this year. This political party will offer to pay off Zambia’s external debts even before the next general elections and once in power, Zambia will never again borrow money from international shylocks to run her ailing economy. This sounds out of this world but it shall surely come to pass in the same manner that all prophesies from the Kingdom of YAHWAH have passed. In fact the payment of subsidies on behalf of the Zambian people may be done in a few months to come depending on how fast the economists, Lawyers and other intellectuals of this party will work out things.  Lastly, Zambia’s next President will be just under 40 years of age by the time he will be sworn in. To Mr Fred M’membe, Mutembo Nchito, Winter Kabimba, Rajhan Matani, Miles Sampa, GBM,Silvia Masebo and others that have taken Zambia hostage, my advise to you is that tone down and stop perpetrating evil. To Mr Winter Kabimba and Miles Sampa, please disband your militia and allow innocent citizens to be free. To the military, yours is the barracks and never get involved. To the Zambia Police and OPSD, do not trade your professionalism for a little penny. Remain professional to a legitimate cause and loyal to the Zambian people.  To all the Zambian citizens, avoid violence and preach peace and love for your destiny is already sealed in a bouquet of rose flowers. Goodbye for I may never blog again.

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