Social media, youths and M’membe

Fred M’membe has of late been ‘hurting’ about social media and what he calls its bad influence on the youth. He has since been joined by civil servant journalists at Daily Mail. A close examination of the situation shows that he is just bitter that he has lost control of the means of communication. A long time ago, most people relied on radio and newspapers for information. That has been revolutionised. A few people still buy newspapers but the majority of people especially the youth get news and other information in real time on their mobile phones.
They don’t have to wait for some queer editor to decide what should or should not be published as there is a wealthy of information on the internet.
To people like M’membe, this represents danger. For who is M’membe if his ability to cheat people through one-sided communicating is taken away from him?
What makes M’membe think that the young people who browse the Internet are foolish and cannot see the difference between lies and the truth? Does he really know which generation this is? How caan the god father of gossip himself today compalain about gossiping?
But then, we understand. It is not an easy thing to lose power.
But unfortunately, it is impossible to reverse this revolution. Adjust or die; that is the philosophy.
Here is some more bad news for M’membe and civil servants at Daily Mail:
Just this Facebook page is visited more than one million people in one day. How many copies do you sell combined?
So we understand why you are so bitter.

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