Sold Cavmont trying to avoid paid workers dues

Ba Zambian Watchdog kindly hide my ID and post this for me on your good and informative Page.

CAVMONT BANK is trying by all means necessary to dodge paying soon to be former employees their due benefits.

It is no longer a secret that CAVMONT Bank has been sold to Access Bank but what is baffling is how management and the board have remained mute on how employees packages will be sorted out. The union (ZUFIAW) has also conspicuously remained mute instead of being the voice of CAVEMONT employees. Ba watchdog, it is not yet known what will happen to Cavmont employees when Access Bank takes over the Bank completely, already Access Bank Directors are all over the Cavmont bank branches giving instructions and yet employees packages has never been discussed or sorted out. Anxiety and uncertainty has engulfed Cavmont employees for sometime now as they don’t know whether they will be paid what they worked for under Cavmont. Rumour has it that the owners of Cavmont have been saying that they sold the Bank to Access together with employees now the question is, will former employees of Cavmont be paid benefits before signing new contracts with Access? Who will pay the former employees, Access or Cavmont ? If Cavmont has sold the bank to access together with employees, is Access going to pay benefits to former employees of Cavmont to those who will not be taken in and to those who will be taken in by Access? Where is the ZUFIAW to negotiate a good deal for Cavmont workers, are we heading for another Barclays-ABSA scenario? Hasn’t ZUFIAW learnt a lesson from Barclay- ABSA deal? Where is the Labour office to come to the aid of Cavmont Bank employees who are about to be dupped of their terminal benefits. We foresee a corporate way of dodging to pay terminal benefits to employees before handing over the bank to Access bank by Cavmont bank owners. Ba Zambian watchdog you are the only hope and voice remaining for Cavmont bank employees please post this lamentation so that the powers that be may intervene before it’s too late.

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