Soldier arrested in Finance Bank robbery

A Zambia Army soldier from Luena Barracks in Western Province has been picked up in connection with the theft of K1 billion from Finance Bank in which two employees of the bank were killed.

According to Times of Zambia, Police have recovered more than K280 million from the suspect.

The suspect, a staff sergeant, allegedly staged the robbery with other unknown robbers when the Finance Bank employees were delivering the cash under police escort. The robbery left two police officers and a civilian injured.

According to reliable police sources, the soldier, who is suspected to be the mastermind of the robbery was arrested after police intensified their search and conducted check-points.

The source said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday the suspect was found within the barracks while the money was found hidden in his house.

“The suspect did not resist or waste the officers’ time. After he was followed in the barracks by a group of police officers, he simply cooperated,” the source said.

In July this year, bandits killed two Finance Bank employees and got away with K1 billion which was being transported from Mongu to Finance Bank Kaoma branch.

The robbers ambushed the vehicle carrying the money, some 20 kilometres before reaching Kaoma district in Namasheshe area.

The third Finance Bank employee and the two police officers who accompanied the crew were wounded during the incident.

After the shooting incident, Finance Bank provided resources to the police to expeditiously probe the murders and robbery.

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