Soldier confirms having sex with minor

Soldier confirms having sex with minor

A Zambia Air Force-ZAF-Major Thomas Yanina has testified before the Lusaka Magistrate Court that the girl he is accused of having defiled presented herself as an adult.

In this matter, Yanina is accused of having carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16 contrary to the laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up for defence before Magistrate, Thandosa Chabala, Yanina testified that he met the victim in December 2018 and she told him that she was 18 years old turning 19 and that she was a student at Mulungushi University.

Yanina testified that their friendship grew into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship because they used to hug, kiss and have sex on some occasions.

He testified that in March 2019 he was surprised when the girl asked him what present he was going to get for her on her 16th birthday.

Yanina says since that incident he stopped communicating with the girl, but based on the conversations he had with her and circumstances surrounding their meeting he had no doubt she was an adult.

Allegations are that between December 2018 and 31st March 2019, Yanina had carnal knowledge of a minor.

But the girl’s father , 42 year old Zambia Air force officer of Twin Palm, narrated to the Lusaka magistrate court how his 38 year old boss Major Thomas Yanina continuously defiled his 15 year old daughter.

The father told the court that he was furious when he found out that his boss Thomas Yanina had been having sex with his daughter to an extent that if he had a weapon near him he could use it.

He told the court that he feels betrayed because Thomas is not only his boss but a friend as whenever he is faced with a Challenge he rushes to him.

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    Muwerewere 3 days ago

    These happen a lot in the barracks, if I were the father to girl would have opted to settle the matter outside court. And this majoru, off all the things there are so many women crying out for men and he gets messed up ruining his promotion chances and risks being jailed unless the heavens closes the judge’s mind on that judgement day. if there is a place in Zambia where women are floating freely its Lusaka City. There are many countless colleges and universities and one can negotiate a fair deal @ reasonable fee followed by a hot pack of Hungry Lion etc.

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    Alice Cooper 3 days ago


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    Kazakhstan Zulu 3 days ago

    Yeah dont bring politics regarding this news, look for another post concerning that, we must be careful with these girls the look mature on the outside kansi it’s a trap fellow men.

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    Yaks 3 days ago

    Kikikikiki! As Zambians we should be inquisitive of freebies. You see the help was because the guy was eating something in your house.

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    Kalyauzumanana 4 days ago

    Bo inonge wina and the litunga are not true patriliots ; there’s no way a road can reach to such a deployable state when the vice president who is always boasting of taking development ,it’s shameful to the litunga who is only interested in bread and butter for his family alone neglecting the sources of his kingdom nowonder they want him removed as litunga.The man who is so selfish and self centered.l envy the chief of the toka chief mukuni who tells those in government the truth and he has involved his subjects in all community activities.I salute honourable Harrington for being true compriot and concerned son of the land,l singled you out with Hon Panji kaunda and Hon Sejani.You have voiced on matters that effect our country most. Keep on ,we love and don’t give up .

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      Watcher 3 days ago

      Your comment is out of context….. learn to stick to topic

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        MWANKS2021 2 days ago

        Zambians like reading about SEX…That is why he has decided to sneak in another issue…Kikikiki