Soldier on, Mwata Kazembe tells UPND

Soldier on, Mwata Kazembe tells UPND

The people of Luapula Province should never be left behind, but must be part of the ongoing revolution in the country of ushering in a new UPND leadership in 2016 as they have done in the past, says UPND Vice-President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Speaking when he addressed scores of residents who have been meeting him in various areas during his continued tour of Luapula Province, Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, says Luapula Province has great economic potential that must be realised but it has become clear that this will only be harnessed through the visionary and caring leadership of the UPND.

“We are one united and peaceful people in Zambia, contrary to the lies by the PF leadership that UPND will divide the country. I was in PF myself but that party has now been hijacked and sold to the highest bidders. The same people we fought and voted out in 2011 alongside our late President Michael Sata have again regrouped under President Edgar Lungu and they are the same ones enjoying the cake while you remain in poverty here” he told the cheering residents.

“Let’s not accept to be used by these selfish liars who have no idea about running a country except telling lies that UPND will divide the country because they have nothing sensible to say when it comes to important matters such as jobs and food prices. UPND President Hakainde Hichilema knows how to create wealth and jobs for our country,” GBM continued.

He said the poverty and hunger inflicted on the country under Lungu was unacceptable and Luapula people must never listen to PF politicians bent on dividing the country for their selfish reasons.

GBM, who also paid a courtesy call on Chief Mwata Kazembe and other traditional leaders in the area, told the residents to accept handouts from PF corrupt politicians if they wish, such as free bicycles, chitenges, mealie meal, and even money, but warned they must realise that those were just temporary things that would not sustain their livelihoods without vibrant economic activities that can only be achieved under the UPND leadership and President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mwamba said he was overwhelmed with the massive support the UPND is receiving in the province.

And Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people has encouraged the UPND team to continue spreading the message despite the harassment they were going through.

They have also called on the UPND leadership to identify good quality candidates as councillors and MPs who will work well with the people.

And Chief Mununga of the Shila speaking people in Chiengi District of Luapula Province was cheered with the visit by the UPND team in the area.

“I am so grateful that you are here. Please feel free and meet your people. Zambia is a democratic nation and both ruling and opposition parties should be free to meet its supporters.

And in response Vice-President Mwamba said he was so far impressed with the overwhelming support recieved in the area.

“Youths, women and the people in general have resolved to change government and vote for President Hakainde Hichilema”,  GBM said.

GBM and team were today in Mwansabombwe, Mununga, and Kashikishi areas.image image

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