Soldiers and PF cholera


The Patriotic Front seems to have run out of excuses over their mediocre governance.

Now they accuse the opposition of organising riots in Kanyama. We think sane people know why?

These marketeers or traders are not like civil servants who even if one stayed away from work for a day or so, the salary will still be paid. These survive on hand to mouth. They need to trade.

Anyway that is a story for another day because we hear even the money that was donated for the reconstruction of City market had grown legs.

Today we want to explain why this Cholera outbreak is called PF Chorela by some people. We symphasise with all the affected parties in this outbreak. However, we have to call a Spade a Spade and not a big spoon.

Our sources say the outbreak of this magnitude is because of the poor governance by the PF. They say PF cadres have been given more power than the local authority combined with the Police. There has never been such lawlessness in the history of Zambia than under this Edgar Lungu leadership. Structures have been built on sewer pipes and the Council or the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) can not say anything as long as it is a PF cadre.

” Look at Town Centre in Lusaka cadres have invaded any single space they can find. Look at public bus stations. Who runs them. There intetest is money and not maintance. Cadres have been given a lot of power and this is a time bomb,” one public health expert said.

Another source said the last time there was such an outbreak was in 1990’s under late President Fredrick Chiluba who had similar traits like that of Lungu. He had long, sticky hands in terms of public resources though not as long as Lungu’s and also torelated cadres mischief.

Our sources say Edgar Lungu was told point blank by experts when he called them for a meeting at State House.

They told him. ” It is your cadres who have caused this”. This is how Lungu was advised to involve the millitary because his cadres could not have obeyed the Police to vacate the streets. This is a PF Chorela and should be called just that. Why accuse the opposition when the same PF claims most street vendors are its members?


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    Mzee Hekima 2 days

    This Government manufactured cholera through pro poor policy. Meaning street vending and cadre take over of all public places. Result cholera and it will come back if cadres remain the authority in public places.

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    It has shocked me that this president saw fit to bring in the ARMY to clean the city. This is a dangerous constitutional infraction. If you feel that your police service is not up to the task then it is your fault and must rectify this immediately

    Soldiers have abused, beated and stolen from ordinary ZAMBIAN CITIZENS!!!
    Go to town and see the abuse first hand.They are not trained to deal with civilians.

    We have 90% youth unemployment in this country, Why not employ 1000 youths to clean up in 2 days not two weeks like the army. You clean up the towm and put some money in the hands of the needy.WIN WIN

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    Shame PF/MMD the manufacturers of this cholera with their cadres in streets,markets and bus stations

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    very sad

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    very sad

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    Reba mwape 3 days

    Why accuse HH, is He the president? Blame your chagwa and the Pfools. Baba, you have just failed to govern

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    A K 3 days

    PF Gvt don,t divert PF cholera on an individual person in de name of HH.just accept dat u idiots are on “job on training” .u ve failed 2 run de country & don,t think dat yo propaganda will be accept by zambians any more.u,ll mark my words. u,re yet 2 see hell.

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    KUDALA 3 days

    Cholera pa Town Centre sure? Now you understand why Trump calls African states as…….

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      Eye 3 days

      That is what an alien advanced civilization says about the Earth when they look at us from space.