‘Soldiers and police not happy with PF’


Of late, I have been hearing this thing of the Commander-In-Chief boasting that if he loses the August 11, 2016 Elections, he will not handover power because he has soldiers on his side hence he is the most powerful Zambian.

Yesterday I was with Ruth in Kabwe town and when we asked some men in uniform whom we met, brothers and Sisters, they laughed uncontrollably. They told us they are not fools who can be used. 

“My friends, if you go in the Barracks now, there is disaster… these Zesco prepaid metres they have put in our homes are making noise…  We have run out of money and have no choice but to entertain this irritating music in our homes”. Lamented the men in uniform.

They are saying they hate the PF government so much and just waiting for 11th August 2016.

“When PF came into power, they removed all the allowances we used to get including Mealiemeal Allowance.  Something which even KK who was known to be a dictator never did.” Said the furious looking soldiers.

“Is it normal for someone to abolish all the allowances we have been getting and then tell us that they have been consolidated into the basic pay, and they expect us to believe such rubbish?” They wondered.

“Why do we upgrade our trades?  Why should someone with no trade be earning same salary with the one who has a trade?  Is that being normal?”  Wondered the soldiers.

They assured us that they can’t wait to vote. 

“This government has not taken good care of an ordinary man and woman in uniform when we are the same people who fight in case of war. We are the people manning our boarders and making sure that there is peace in our country.  We spend months in tents in operation areas when you sleep freely in your homes and Edgar Lungu in State House.  How is our so called Head of State going to command us when we feel to have been neglected and have no morale?” Wondered one of the furious soldiers. 

They said the incoming government  is their hope.  HH promised to increase their salaries considering how Lungu has raised the cost of living in the country.  HH also promised give them back their allowances that include mealiemeal.  HH promised never to temper with their money when they go for United Nations (UN) missions and many other good things.

“Pano muletumona tatulafola February salary (Up to now, we are not yet paid our February salaries).  We even hear that after enduring a 3year wage freeze, we expect nothing but a mockery of as little as K102 as salary increment.. Mwati Ba Edgar batuntulu? (Is Edgar normal)? With this high cost of living?  Wondered the soldiers.

“We’re going to teach him a lesson in August. We and our relatives are behind HH and UPND.  Its just that being goverment workers, we can’t show it in public but we’re busy doing it in the background.  No normal soldier or indeed Civil Servant will vote for Edgar Lungu.  Tatwapena ifwe (We are not mad) to be mistreated by PF like this and then we go and vote for them again! That’s foolishness.” They said.

“We’re not happy at all with this mediocre type of leadership.  Zambia is not short of people who can manage her affairs nicely.  We have quality and visionary leaders like HH and 11th August 2016 is his time.  Let him come so that he sweeps this rubbish away.” They said.

They warned Lungu not to dare call on them for help to remain in power because they can cause harm to even the innocent Zambians. 

“If Lungu tries to be funny by trying to misuse us ahead of his exit on 11th August,…. Remember the 1997 coup led by Captain Stephen Lungu (Solo)! We are able to do something more dangerous”. Lamented another soldier who boasted to be intake 27 of 1994.

Zambians, let us redeem our families by voting wisely on 11th August 2016.

Things are not okay everywhere in our country.


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