Soldiers are suffering under PF

Dear editior,
I am a very disappointed Zambian with the way the PF Government is mistreating Zambia Army Personnel. Soldiers used to get mealie meal during the previous Governments but when PF took over, the then President (Micheal Sata) condemned the whole idea and called it spoon feeding. He went on saying that “u are buying them Breakfast, how do you know maybe they want roller or rice. Better give them the money so that they can buy mealie meal of their choice” it was a good idea which only lasted for three (03) months then it seized. Soldiers no longer get mealie meal nor the allowance.

Soldiers were getting Operation allowance whenever they went for local operations which was far much below what all other civil servants were getting for meal allowance and sleeping outside their homes.

That time, civil servants were getting K550 sleeping out allowance and K75 (by the number of meals one misses) meal allowance. For our poor soldiers, operation allowance was calculated on 3% of their one day subsistence allowance which was adding up to K150 for thirty (30) days. When PF came into Office, they said why pay them that allowance when they are performing their duties not taking in mind the hardship they go through as they perform those important tasks along border lines, sleeping in worn out tents , bad food etc…now the question is…is it not the duty of MPs to be in Parliament? If so then why do they get those allowances for sitting in Parliament with nice air corns and plenty of nice food? Are they being fair? Look at how much money they get for a short time they sit in Parliament as compared to a K150 soldiers used to get for 30days times the number of months they stay in the bush along the border areas?
As if that is not enough, soldiers were getting trade pay ( an allowance for having gone for a military or civil course, all that was stripped off…instructors allowance, up keep allowance, rural hardship allowance have all gone in the PF era. When you talk of salaries, there was a difference in monies according to promotions whereby there was a pay for a temperal rank, first year, second year and maximum but these days, one who was promoted SGT 10 years ago and one promoted to SGT today are getting the same pay..The rest u can add.
Our soldiers are poorly dressed, the Government is failing to buy uniforms for soldiers. When you meet 10 soldiers, you ll see 10 different boots….. we no longer have a Zambia Army Boot like those days when we had a boot called YUGO…soldiers are buying whatever footwear someone finds on the market making it difficult to discover an enemy who has infiltrated the Camp because of so many foot prints…with this kind of soldiers we have, what guarantee do we have that these soldiers will defend us with morale? Are we safe with such unmotivated soldiers?
Sources close to Army HQ in Arakan, Lusaka have disclosed to me that they are preparing 3 companies from 4ZR, Gondar Barracks in Chipata to go and stand in for 5ZR who are going to CAR (Central African Republic).. the same Unit has a Company plus on operation in Kaputa and I hear that the same company has been out for a year plus and yet they won’t get not even a coin for having been on duty for all that long period away from their families…now look at this, 4ZR is the only unit manning the whole eastern province and you get all that man power and take them to western and suppose anything happens in eastern while they are away, what happens? We are heading towards elections and anything can happen looking at the current political violence going on….Zambia Army has a very dull Army Commander Lt Gen P Mihova whose being controlled by civilians’ on how to run the welfare of the Army. This man is the worst Army Commander Zambia has ever had… I am not in the Army but I can tell. There are so many Barracks along the line of rail, why not get them and take them to western unlike taking 4ZR who are a solitary Barracks ( the nearest Barracks to them is Arakan with a 600km difference in distance). Reliable sources have disclosed that this movement is propaganda to stop 4ZR soldiers from voting because of their voting pattern during the last Presidential Elections….to the appointing authorities, better get a Zambia Army Commander from Serving Generals coz they understand the problems of the Army unlike getting out dated Military Attaches from foreign service hence the problems our humble soldiers are facing..

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