Soldiers arrive to fight cholera as police express anger

Soldiers  arrive to fight cholera as police express anger

– Police angry with Lungu for rendering them useless

Following the order by Edgar Lungu for military personnel to fight cholera, some soldiers have since been deployed in Lusaka’s Central Business District sending panic among citizens.

The military is expected to stop street vending and to stop the sale of fresh foods, something the police can do as they have done in Kitwe and other places.

The soldiers are likely to close most restaurants and any other outlets that, in their opinion not expert’s opinions, risk the spread of the deadly disease.

This however maybe another blow to the ruling party who in the first place have accelerated the dirtening of the city by allowing street vending through their failed populist policy.

Street vendors trade in areas without toilets and use drainages and open plastics as toilet effectively making the city an open toilet.

It is believed that Lungu is using the cholera outbreak to test the loyalty of soldiers in the face of the interval revolt that is building in his own party.

By putting soldiers on the streets to do the job of civilians, Lungu is trying to intimidate political opponents. But he has forgotten how soldiers came together with citizens to remove his dictatorship tutor Robert Mugabe.

There is growing discontent in Zambia, including within PF, due to Lungu’ poor, mediocre leadership that is synonymous with corruption.

It won’t long before riots against Lungu break out and Lungu is aware of this that is why he is putting soldiers in the streets to test their loyalty and intimidate citizens. It won’t won’t work. The storm is gathering. Wait and see.

By the way, the Watchdog is reliably informed that the police are bitter with Lungu for making them look useless by his decision to bring soldiers to remove city vendors from Lusaka.

One senior cop said there is anger in the police force because the police have never failed to remove street vendors from Lusaka but were not acting because they have been told not to.

‘Now this Koswe suddenly brings in soldiers to make it look like we are incompetent when there are orders to us not to touch these vendors.’

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