Soldier’s complaint

I would like to air out few concerns to you sir as our beloved president. I would like to find out which criteria cabinet office used to award 40% housing allowance across the board to us in the defense because sir I don’t see a reason why someone who gets K20,000 and someone who gets K 2,500 should receive the same percentage of 40% as housing allowance.
Let’s be logical here, secondly I want to know why they have abolished rural hardship allowance ,our colleagues from the ministry of health and education that we have accommodated in our camps are still getting rural hardship allowance. Now what is really the problem with us defines personnel? We have been waiting for the so called the secretary to the cabinet and her PSMD counterpart Dr velepi to go round our camps and bases up to now to explain. We are tired sir we need your intervention we don’t have a union to advocate for us. The so called defense council just talk or speak for their fellow commissioned officers just check the pay slip of small ranks of lans corporal and 2lt the gap is so big .

Lastly sir take time to look at the notches especially for other ranks or airmen. The difference between notches is something like K 100 as compared to our friend’s commissioned officers the gap is so big. They told us that come April we wil be put in notches up to now and promotions for other ranks or airmen they take long and we are tired of this trend were commissioned officers keep taking themselves to universities on tax payers money. You will never find other ranks or airmen at universities if you find one or two then its self sponsored ,otherwise us other ranks (end users) don’t have representation at all not what they are busy cheating you as if things are ok. Yes things are ok with them commissioned officers not us. We do all the works them just command do this do that, we have been watching what is happening if you want to get more information just engage the intelligent officers (OP) otherwise things are bad for us end users (other ranks or airmen).
Looking forward to hear from you sir
Please hide or with held my identity

Frustrated Defense personnel

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