Police fail to handle Katete riots: call in Soldiers, 288 arrested

The Zambia Police the whole day struggled but failed to quel riots that broke out in the small town of Katete in eastern province. Police officers ran away from the scene after a number of them were beaten by angry rioters.

Order was only restored late in the afternoon after  soldiers from Gonda barracks in Chipata arrived in Katete some 130 kilomtres away. Other soldiers who helped restore order while the police were in hiding are from the Zambia National Service. The police who were called in from Chipata earlier also were beaten back by civilians angry at a school girl who was sacrificed by local Satanists.

The soldiers managed to arrest some rioters but many got away with their bounty.

The relieved Police later issued a statement that they have arrested 288 people

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said the police have also recovered assorted goods ranging from foodstuffs, groceries, generators, farming implements and many more things that were looted.

Kanjela said the situation was now calm.

‘We would also like to thank the ministry of defence and other security wings for partnering with us in bringing the situation to normal,; said Kanjela.

She said144 people arrested are males, 117 are females and the rest are children under 18 years.

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