Soldiers not yet paid for last month

Soldiers not yet paid for last month

lunguAlmost all the military wings in the country have not yet received their September salaries yet while those with Zanaco had their accounts only reflect the monies last evening.

And the PF regime has squandered the UN money meant for soldiers in peacekeeping missions leaving the military personnel starving outside the country and making their families back home destitute, the Zambia watchdog can reveal.

Last month, civil servants salaries across the country were paid late and the bankrupt PF government had to make it news that their salaries had finally been paid.

But that was all lies as all military personnel in Zambia Airforce, Zambia Army, and Zambia National Service had not been paid their salaries even by yesterday.

A check in military personnel establishments showed that they had all not been paid their September salaries as all the money was channelled towards buying voters in the just ended PF induced bye elections.

The situation is even worse for the military personnel on peacekeeping missions abroad as the PF government has also used their allowances and now they don’t even have salaries leaving them destitute.

The UN released the soldiers allowances way back to the Zambian government for them to give their military personnel, but it has now been more than 5 mouths in some instances as the PF has not released their allowances, sources have disclosed.

“What happens is that the UN government releases the money as a block figure to the Zambian government. Then the PF government taxes and gets half the allowance amount for each soldier. But this time they have gotten all the money from each soldier and their salaries for September have not been paid. It looks like the PF government are taking advantage because these government employees are not unionised and cannot go on strike action as they can just command them into submission”, sources have disclosed.

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