Soldiers now surviving on rice with beans, as government fails to buy mealie meal

Soldiers in most barracks especially under the third and second infantry brigades are being forced to eat rice and beans because PF government has failed to buy mealie meal. The money has reportedly been channeled to President Edgar Lungu and PF campaigns.

Aggrieved soldiers invited the watchdog reporter to Mushili commando unit and Kalewa barracks in Ndola for a fact finding mission and the incognito tour revealed soldiers having beans and rice as lunch.

“You see how bad the situation is? This is our lunch and will be supper for those who eat both meals from the mess. The food is bought by central ordinance and distributed through 20s company but we have information that the money was taken to PF campaigns, bribing people,” said one soldier who pleaded with the reporter not to take any pictures.

Tug argan, Kalewa, Commando, Marine, Engineering and ZCCF are some of the units in the 3rd infantry brigade while Chindwin and Kohima in Kabwe are under the 2nd infantry brigade.

Recently, soldiers complained about unnecessary and increased deductions to finance sports but the money usually ends up in commanders’ pockets.


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