Soldiers, officers demand removal of randy officer commanding Colonel Malimba

Some soldiers and officers attached to the Infantry Training Wing (ITW) of the Military Establishment of Zambia (MILTEZ) have petitioned army commander to remove a colonel Malimba because of his unbecoming conduct.

Colonel Malimba is said to be verbally abusing his subordinates and indulges into sexual activities with wives of those out on operations. The complaint was earlier presented to the 3ZR Brigade Commander based at Kabwe but no action has been taken because Colonel Malimba and the brigade comander a Brigadier General are said to be ‘birds of the same feathers’.

“The man is abusive and causing disharmony in the army so we appeal for his removal and if the army commander General Paul Mihovah does not act, then the President as commander in chief must intervene. You know we work with weapons there and to keep such retards who are even supposed to be in retirement is a danger”, complained some officers.

Earlier this week Zambia National Service dismissed four instructors who were caught on camera whipping and physically abusing recruits.

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