Soldiers, police killed in Sikongo

Two soldiers and five paramilitary police officers were last night reportedly killed in Sikongo, Western province, but the government is trying to conceal this sad development.

Further information indicates that Zambia Air force (ZAF) fighter jets were this morning circulating the village which is near the border with Angola, while foot soldiers and Zambia police officers were going into the village battering people.

The killing of the soldiers and paramilitary police happened last night in a fight that lasted between 20 hours and midnight between the Zambian security, defence forces with yet to be identified gunmen.

It is reported that the deadly gunmen were putting on black masks and the Zambian soldiers could not track any of them after the fight.

‘Meanwhile the situation is bad as ZAF planes are all over the village patrolling. Radio Liseli the local radio station its journalists were blocked by the police from reaching the area of incident,’ a source said.

Sikongo is a remote rural area with poor phone and internet network but the soldiers and police who have gone into the village are confiscating mobile phones of villages to make sure the story does not leak.  The soldiers are threatening to shoot any one whose phone would ring.

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