Possible attack on independence day: Soldiers put on high alert in Barotseland

The government has put soldiers in Western province on high alert.

This follows information that Bartoseland separatist groups are planning to attack Zambian government installations during Zambia’s 49th Independence celebrations next week.

‘Commanders from Mushili camp were deployed a few day ago and they are camped at a secret location along the border with Angola’, military sources have told the Watchdog.

According to sources, even ordinary soldiers and police officers have been deployed into Western province.

A few days ago, when the secret service told president Sata that they have received information that secessionists want to blow up government installations ahead of Zambia’s independence, Sata sent a team to meet the Litunga to assess the situation.

The Litunga or King of Bartoseland is said to have finally told President Michael Sata that the Bartoseland agreement of 1964 must be honoured.

The Litunga told Sata’s emissaries that as far as he is concerned, the agreement has been been nullified.

The Litunga further told Sata’s emissaries that what ever would happen from now onwards, he would not be responsible.

In response, Sata ordered the service chiefs to deploy soldiers.

“Things are not ok here, the place is littered with defence and security personnel some in civilian colthes’, and another source told the Watchdog.

Scores of activists that include the former prime minister of Barotseland Clement Sinyinda are currently detained in prison charged with treason but it seems the resolve to sepearte from Zambia is growing even stronger.


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