Soldiers seize Kasama?

There was drama and tension yesterday when armed soldiers stormed roads in Kasama, Northern province yesterday walking the streets. Some residents went into panic as others spread rumours that there was a military take over in Zambia but according to Radio Mano, the soldiers were taking a ‘walk’.

A police officer has told the Watchdog that the police station was jammed with callers informing them that soldiers had invaded the town while Intelligence officers were completely in the dark as to why there was a heavy presence of soldiers in a town that has no barrack, the only military establishment in Kasama is the dilapidated Zambai National Service – ZNS camp near Chishimba falls.


  • And please there is no road on top of my house, those Jets passing ten times in a minute are evading into my privacy. Go do your thing else where not on top of my house.

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      triple x 6 months

      do u honestly think jets move on roads? where are u from?

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      john 6 months

      MUYUNDA your house is under the air space be happy that you have seen and hear the nice noise from the air power of zambia

  • The enemy we have is poverty and unemployment, it does not need guns.If they want to use guns try going to Syria.

  • Intimidating GBM