Soldiers shoot dead Kapasa residents in land dispute

Two Lusaka’s Kapasa Township residents have been shot dead by Zambia National services (ZNS) officers over the land impasse. The settlers have been insisting that the land belongs to them and not ZNS. Some say they have lived there for more than 25 years.

Barely two months ago, the USA Human Rights Report on Zambia detailed extra-judicial killings by the Zambia armed forces in the year 2012. The PF regime rejected the reports through their Justice minister Wynter Kabimba.

Two days ago, USA ambassador to Zambia Mark Stollela expresses happiness with the PF performance so far. Maybe he did not read this report done by the USA department. See here

In the Kapasa killings, a third person was injured in the fracas which lasted for over three hours yesterday and was admitted to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital where he is battling for his life after sustaining a gunshot wound on his left leg.


The victims, who have been identified as Clement Muloongo and Pumulo Lungwangwa, were hit with short batons before they were shot at close range, according to reports. One was shot in the head and the other in the chest.


According to eyewitnesses, one of the men raised his hands and begged the officers armed with AK 47 rifles to spare his life but they ignored him and opened fire on him.

But when contacted for a comment, acting police spokesperson Charity Chanda said she had scanty information regarding the shooting incidence but was still waiting for more details.

“I have received information by officers who rushed there this morning but I am still waiting for more information. Right now I only have scanty information,” she said.

Another witness told the reporter that the armed officers visited the area around 05:00 hours accusing them of refusing to vacate the premises on several occasions even when they were aware that the land they were occupying belonged to ZNS.

They said it was at that point that others started resisting and confusion erupted in the processforcing the alleged officers to start shooting which lead to the death of the deceased two men and wounding of the other.

“We are shaken. This is our land we have stayed here for years, now if they remove us from here where are we going to go because our children do not know any other place other than this one,” they complained.

The residents had since called on the police to ensure that the culprits were brought to book because they had killed innocent people who were fighting for what belonged to them and their rights to shelter.

“There was no protest for the officers to open fire at us, we were just arguing because it wasonly this week when we were being assured by higher authorities that we will not be moved so we were shocked to see officers demanding that we be moved claiming we were occupying illegal land, we have been over 10 years,” they said.

But some of the officers found at the scene claimed the residents became unruly and started throwing stones at them a situation which led to others to open fire at them in a bid to stop them from throwing stones.

A ZNS officer only identified as P M Solochi, who was sent to gather facts about the incident in Kampasa, defended the officers saying they shot at the people in self-defence.

He alleged that the settlers were not co-operative and some even threw stones at the officers.

Many houses, including a Church of God centre and Patriotic Front (PF) office, were damaged during the operation by ZNS officers, who also allegedly threatened to burn the settlers’ maize.

A 54-year-old widow, Elina Ng’andu, who burst into tears, said she had nowhere to go after her house was demolished.
Ms Ng’andu and other settlers were found picking up their belongings to camp by the roadside.

Some local people said they were surprised that ZNS officers demolished and damaged their houses despite assurances from “some authorities” that their houses would not be touched.



The second victim was shot when he tried to rescue his father, who was in the house which was being demolished, while the survivor was shot in the buttocks as he hung around after being evicted from his house.


Lungwangwa’s wife, Harriet Shabantu, said her husband was not confrontational when the officers ordered them to vacate the house.


“I just told my husband that we should secure our documents and National Registration Cards and leave the house to be demolished. We went to the roadside but they followed us….we moved somewhere else and they still followed us and started beating us up. They started shooting and that is how my husband was shot,” she said.



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    filipo monze 5 years

    Bapushi nabasamwa sana, Balefwaikwa ikocha. If you get into power it does not mean that the country becomes yours. We will pray for you so that you change your behaviour, if you don’t, we will pray that you are removed from power. If you resist, of which we know you will, we will go in the bush and when we come back…………………………..your miritants will sweat blood

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    filipo monze 5 years

    Bapushi nabasamwa sana, Balefwaikwa ikocha. If you get into power it does not mean that the country becomes yours. We will pray for you so that you change your behaviour, if you don’t we will pray that you removed from power. If you resist, of which we know you will, we will go in the bush and when we come back…………………………..

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    DiZzaSTa ZZone 5 years

    I cant believe these things are happening in our country, only the other week a woman was shot when trying to buy a ticket. am wondering, do we need the police or the army if these are the same people who are going to be slaughtering us day in and day out?

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    kwa 5 years


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    Where is the govt in all these happenings? Where is the man whose sole purpose is to protect the constitution of the land, which protects the weak in our society from the strong, men carrying weapons bought using our tax money? Chances are that that man has not read the constitutions itself or he did not mean it when he swore to protect the constitution. Going by the violence and shooting of people with no statement from this man, it may mean he does not respect the constitution at all.

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    keke 5 years

    I think ZNS officers need war, they have stayed without participating war game, they need to be in the battle front to confirm their aggressivenes

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    This is the only thing these guyz can manage to do. At one time our soldiers were sent to a real war situation in west africa and all of them were captured. The same civilians they have killed were the ones who prayed for them to be rescued from the hands of the proper soldeirs in Seraleone.

    You can now see that these guyz are not proper soldiers. They can manage to kill civilians instead of protecting them. We are not protected at all.

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    ba ba 5 years

    sata and kk are big time devil worshippers,a lot of things happenings in the country you cant explain,it takes someone with spiritual eyes.

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    too sad this to be happening in our mother land.

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    Masebo your threat to those poor people did not escape God’s ears, Tell me if they did not have the right to complain about the loss of their husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, colleagues and friends. I wish this happened to you so you could understand their pain. There was no reason to feel challenged by H H ‘s presence you all went to mourn and comfort the families of the deceased.Yes if you like leave them alone God Who has seen them through all the time will be there for them. Useless woman.

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    miller 5 years

    That’s the problem of training soldiers who end up retiring without going to war? Can these chaps withstand the Talibans? These chaps are suppose to protect the Zambian Citizens not killing them. We just have wrong chaps in the military. I only hope this is not the product of those who were brought in the military by PF.

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    the action by the ZNS was inhuman and our tears together with the mourning families will not just go without the almighty`s intervention.

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    Twachula pafula 5 years

    Solochi from ZNS, I cant trust this guy if really he is the one I have in mind. Those who were at CBU between 2000 and 2003 would attest to how a Cpt.Solochi from SOT, mature ZNS sponsored student commandeered the nearly beat to kill of Mato that natural science (infole) delinquent student. ZWD please dig dipper on who this solochi is before we can accept the credibility of ZNS story. Mato was a bad student but how solochi and his colleagues from ZNS, OP, Zambia army treated him was not any better.

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      wazanga nkuku 5 years

      true i know him too he is a good man and he definately gets to the bottom of the issue

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    Tentani 5 years

    Sorry about the deaths. In the USA even an immigration officer at the airport carries a gun. Every policeman or traffic police officer carries a gun. If you do not follow instructions when they suspect you will attack them they will shoot you. They don’t aim for the leg but the head. In zambia our people try to attack armed officers.That’s dangerous. When you are dead its irrevrrsible. Also there are too many people who want to claim land that is not theirs. I am sure the Kampasa people did not have title. They should have moved. It does not matter how long a squatter stays on the land he will forever be a squatter.

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      One Zambia One Nation 5 years

      U say ‘in the USA”. Well this is Zambia and lives have been lost, and those people say they were told that the land is theirs? What is your take on this?

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    Mwanakabvwambi Brightwell 5 years

    After the Mwamba Luchembe attempted coup I penned this verse which I just wanted to include here

    SILENCED LAMBS – for Chris Mwambwa

    I see a little girl
    Barely eight
    Every night
    My sleep rent
    By sound of gunfire

    As she joins
    The fleeing, screaming masses
    The little girl
    She seems to pause
    In mid-flight
    Slowly walking through
    Unsure steps
    Of ballet
    A weird waltz
    That forces her
    To the ground
    To expire
    The twitching, kicking body
    Of a babe

    And I see
    The glazed smile
    Of a national soldier
    Turned looter
    And rapist
    And executioner
    Of kith and kin

    Now sleep
    Will not come
    The tranquillity of old
    Is broken
    The laughter of the young
    Traded for change
    Of ideology
    And dress
    Of mouth
    And face
    And guns
    In the putrefaction
    Of the sordid New Politic
    Even of sacrifice
    And death
    Even the silenced lambs

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    We voted an animal in power. Lord help us. Banda thought he could leave forever. Your time will come

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      Wenye 5 years

      Yes I regret voting pf in power though a ngoni saying “masiku nipanyo pa chimbi” will soon come to pass.

    • comment-avatar
      Zion 5 years

      he is an animal we put in power

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    swala 5 years

    rule by the ten commandments. the question is which commandments?

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    Sara 5 years

    While Zambians know exactly what their problems are, all they do is complain without lifting a finger to do anything about it.

    We know what our problems are, however we do not do anything to try and solve the problems apart from saying “ndelolesha fye” or God help us – bullshit! God works well with those who make an effort.

    Yes, admittedly there is a leadership crisis but seriously, do we think nobody knew that things would go this way with Sata at the helm of power?

    Despite the hardships we are going through we all need to work together like Arab world and fire Sata!

    The clergy, politicians and concerned citizens should work together behind closed doors to try and solve what we are experiencing. Like the Arab world, let us work together and get back on track. It is tit for tat otherwise democracy is in the cesspool! Wake up and fight for your rights and lives!

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    Concerned Citizen 5 years

    I write to express my frofound sadness on the actions of these ZNS Officers who short dead unarmed individuals (Citizens of Zambia).These actions are a criminal offence. There is nowhere within the laws of Zambia where just because a man on woman is in uniform armed with a government weapon has the right to abuse their position and take another citizen’s life.There should be no room for such brutality anywhere in Zambia. When did Uniformed employees such as ZNS who are there to protect and preserve life of the weak in our society are now at the forefront of destroying the same life they are sworn alligency to protect.

    There is nowhere is the laws of Zambia where ZNS has become the Complenant,Jury and the Judge.I believe, there are provisions for the ZNS just like any other citizen or non citizen to seek redress through the proper channels – the Courts of Zambia. If the perpetuators are not brought to account for their action, then we are opening up flood gates in Zambia that if anyone feels aggrieved, its ok to take matters in your own hands.

    The laws of Zambia – fought for so hard by our fore fathers ( who some of them paid with their lives) were there to protect the weak of the society. These ZNS officers have comitted a criminal offence and they have to face the consequences of their actions. The matter needs to be investigate properly. The statement by the senior official from the ZNS, saying his staff murdered an unarmed men in self defence is irresponsible and cheap.

    There is a case of premeditated murder here, the fact that they went there armed to their teeth with high powered guns and live bullets. Furthermore, who gave the orders for these officers to go an evict the so call squarters on ZNS land. I thought this was the duty of the police and to some extent the duty of the Chief on whose land they may occuppied.

    The ZNS Commander should not shield these criminals because failure to act is tantermount to endorsing criminality. If this matter is not investigated properly and dealt with correctly,it opens up a can of worms, what are we going to do when another zambian, a foreign businessman or woman or investor decided to act the same. There are huge implications riding on this case and needs to be dealt with the seriousness it requires. Failure to act is not an option.

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      Maverick 5 years

      Agree with you 100%.

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        nayonayo 5 years

        I agree with you also 100%.

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      cho cho 5 years


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    Maverick 5 years

    It’s about time Zambians woke up from their slumber and started fighting back… if those who are tasked to protect you started killing you, it’s about time you came out of your shell and fought back. This cowardice and continuous citing the biblical verses are not helping anyone, or are they? When are Zambians going to emulate their counterparts in the Arab world who don’t tolerate shyt like this? This will be vaguely reported and complained by bloggers and soon all will be forgotten and back to normal. We need practical actions… in other countries the killers would either go to jail or will be hunted for revenge killing and they wouldn’t be alive by the end of this year.

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    Fck it 5 years

    As trained sodier,you never shot an unarmed civilian.Only militial do that as a weapon of intimidation.This sodier is most untrained person and excuse of a human being.Who ever was involved should be court Maltialed ASAP.Even the US marines, well trained are persecuting a marine who went bananas shooting at civilians in Afganistan!

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    pf has failed to deliver and they want finish us with guns

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    Seed Inspector 5 years

    But some of the officers found at the scene claimed the residents became unruly and started throwing stones at them a situation which led to others to open fire at them in a bid to stop them from throwing stones.

    A ZNS officer only identified as P M Solochi, who was sent to gather facts about the incident in Kampasa, defended the officers saying they shot at the people in self-defence.

    He alleged that the settlers were not co-operative and some even threw stones at the officers.

    When residents become unruly does it mean you open fire?????????????????????? Whoever is defending this barbaric act is 1. a satanist who enjoys seeing people’s blood, 2. an imbacile who deserves to be at Chainama or better still a moron. P.M Solochi, you are mad and stupid……..

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      Beef 5 years

      I was actually on campus with this solochi and his resoning is really strange i tell you the rules of engagement clearly state when to use deadly force.The protesters had they had guns it would have justified deadly force.You can use deadly force on your citizens just because they trow some pebbles its totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated.Who ever is responsible shoulb be brought to book.

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        Roomy 5 years

        Stupid solochi, wale dubber MA110 kuli ine iwe and u start defending barbaric will rot in hell.we know you from CBU, bribery is what made you come out of CBU with a degree.Patrick Malichi Solochi

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          Chimtofwa 5 years

          Wow very sad ending though. I know this Patrick Maliti Solochi, and even you do. He is a Christian and with strong morals. I doubt your story on his dubbing and bribery because he was my class mate and we used to job together. He was a very serious mature who never indulged even into momas and am sure you agree with me. You may ask his roomy who was from School of Business, a fellow Adventist, I still remember that he used to refuse to study on Sabbath. Not just knowing if he has stopped being a Christian which I strongly doubt. He was a good representative of his family. Am sure he was misquoted. It’s also not ease to briber your way in the University especially SOT. You must be very rich to ensure that you briber principled people like Kucheba… Very serious Lecturer and for one to cross through, you should have worked hard. Bambo was another one. Bangili another serious Lecturer. I don’t agree, check your facts and don’t comment out of emotions. Lets all of us mourn our departed brothers well and with diginity. Loss of life is irreversible, lets be focused and not lose sight of the calamity at hand, we mourn with you Kampasa people. Condolences to the bereaved, Viva truth.

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      mambala 5 years

      Honestly these ZNS officers are a disgrace, how do they say people who were throwing stones as being armed….AMABWE, AMABWE SURE!!!!!! why didn’t they give warning shorts, ie shoot in the air…this gesture was going to be enough to scare the villagers. BA KONSE MWEBA SOLDIERS, COWARDS OF MEN, DIGRACE TO ZAMBIA. You deserve to rot in jail.

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    katuba old boys 5 years

    Now Ba YUFI ( ZNS) nabo what is this ? killing people like this ?

    • comment-avatar
      washington lesa 5 years

      The basics of how to live long. Never attack an armed officer be it in Zambia , USA, Russia UK etc. You will be shot dead. Whether you were right or wrong will be immaterial to you

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    tomly 5 years

    this is real stupidity? what did sata say on the mongu killings which were more violent than these innocnt pipo, vi PF chi Bufi Satana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    michael 5 years

    Sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice. For hw long are we going to be killed in the name of mistakes. It was police zns next will be….

  • comment-avatar
    ck 5 years

    Am really shocked with the turn of events in our Nation.ZNS is a security wing which is just wasting tax payers money.They only grow cabbages in their camps and gets paid at the end of the month.Today they have killed inocent people for no apparent reason.God is watching..

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      Seed Inspector 5 years

      I agree with you more than 100.00000000000000000000000000000001%. There is nothing ZNS does apart from wasting my taxpayers money. Stupid idoits. Solochi you are a murderer.

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    Discretion is the better part of valour

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    jemah 5 years

    There was no need for being trigger happy.this is pure murder,it is a sad story.mama masebo make sure the law takes its couse on the officers if you truely stand for your pipo..too sad indeed

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    mk 5 years

    OK. This is real Zambia National Stupidity.

    • comment-avatar
      moses 5 years

      correct!! it is illogical, sheer cowardice,grave incompetence for a well trained soldier to protect oneself from a mere stone using a live bullet!! let these young boys go to 48 mushili for some refined exercises in search and destroy operations before we lose more lives at the hands of these trigger excited chaps!!!! viva pf viva mr sata
      Mr president check these boys they are denting our party image

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    oracle 5 years


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    Blago 5 years

    Oh—-my God! And most of these people voted for Sata. And, in turn, he is killing them.

  • comment-avatar
    Mubanga 5 years

    These foolish and mad soldiers have now started killing us because they have never gone for war! It is not fair tha this govt is tolerating shedding of blood since they came into power. Death seems to be part of this govt’s system og governance. For how long shall we keep on being slaughtered like chickens? The so called president is MUTE and Impotent!

    • comment-avatar
      moses 5 years

      Bagger the president is not impotent neither is he mute ok!! it is some undesirable elements who are giving double edged orders calculated at undermining the leadership of our hardworking president. These corporals are being used for highly calculated objectives!!!! think properly

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    TRUE77 5 years

    The Bible says ‘thou shall not kill.why is it that now death has been made simple. you mean there was no other ulternative than killing. please lets embrace the spirit of love. blood is too expensive.

  • comment-avatar
    sinazeze 5 years

    Trying to imitate Malekana

  • comment-avatar
    chola mwenya 5 years


  • comment-avatar
    namusunga 5 years

    iam troubled the worst those who kill intertionally definately God will punish them.

  • comment-avatar
    Muchende usiya 5 years

    PF has lost it 2016 Zambian people will vote wisely, how do we have such a situation on our own land. Something serious has gone wrong somewhere somehow.

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      for how will you voting wisely.listen spilled water is never recorvered so we have no choice but to indure and forge a head with this current government.death or no death the decision was made.

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    KAPOMPELO 5 years

    un armed civilians,i cant see a panga or any dangerous weapon near the dead civilians…zns but why.may their souls rest in peace.

  • comment-avatar
    Enock Roosevelt Tonga 5 years

    752,000 sq km is a massive land and more than enough for a population of 14 million. How do you justify your actions of shooting a common and poor Citizen of this land. Please, to you the authorities, these people deserve the right to live, seek peaceful means to settle your disputes. “Its not Fair”.

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      Toga Bull 5 years


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    Catholic Woman 5 years

    Countrymen. Dr Jere is lying when he talks of Congolese criminals coming this way. The fact is we are in a pf-style state of emergency. Blaming the presence of armed military people on the Congolese is a scapegoat. Stop complaining ?ambia people-our power comes from God. Indeed “we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. 2016 is nearer and nearer