Soldiers should stop beating up civilians

Soldiers should stop beating up civilians

Beaten up by Zambia army moving a white tanker in Lusaka for no reason without a single explanation


Zambia soldiers just have the courage and reputation of harassing civilians.
How does brutal beating innocent people up solve domestic terrorism?
Zambia army is very indiscipline and overzealous for nothing .They are not different from criminal mobs who have killed almost 45 innocent people country wide . The army is supposed to protect citizens not harassing them.

I don’t remember any government official declaring a curfew or state of emergency in Zambia , still even if they declared soldiers can’t go around Lusaka at night cowardly beating innocent Zambians .We have a lot of illegal immigrants specifically in Lusaka ,why does Zambia army round them up and beat them? It is very unpatriotic for soldiers to go around the city beating innocent citizens they are supposed to protect .It is gross indiscipline and violation of human rights.
Zambia army is behaving exactly senseless like criminal mobs who are killing innocent people they suspect to be gassers. Terrorists are gassing learning institutions in broad day yet these fools are targeting innocent civilians just to harass them for fun .
If they are serious about security why not deploying soldiers on foot per compound in Lusaka ? A civilised army should be friendly to citizens as they are all stakeholders in ensuring there is security in the nation .

If Zambia army will continue beating innocent civilians soon we start hearing that they killing people in the country , beating civilians anyhow should not entertained in a Democratic country like Zambia.

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