Soldiers urged not to allow anyone to cling to power after losing


3rd January 2016

President Edgar Lungu last Thursday appealed to soldiers not to allow themselves to be used by elements with intentions to get to power through illegal or dubious means.

This was during the annual ball for the military personnel.

Our military and security personnel in the country must also not allow anyone who would be bent on clinging to power against people’s wishes before, during and after the election this year.

They must fully defend and cherish Zambia’s democratic processes where the will of the people will be respected.

We have so far seen ugly incidences where PF thugs can freely match in the Central Business District (CBD) of Lusaka town along Cairo Road without a police permit and disturb traffic, while denouncing their enemies with all sorts of hate messages like they did last week.

At the same time police are always quick to arrest, teargas and even shoot peaceful processions and indoor assemblies by opposition members, a situation we believe has the potential to destabilise the peace and unity of our country.

Police have several times rejected written notifications from opposition leaders who merely want to carry out party mobilisation activities among their members.

It is these double standards by law enforcement agencies that normally precipitate and breed anarchy and choas in the country, as people will be left with no option but to defend themselves since they would have lost trust in recognised legal and security institutions.

We once more call on the police, security and law institutions to be fair in handling of such matters so as to avoid the situation that Lungu talked about.

Elisha Matambo
Copperbelt UPND Provincial Chairperson

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