Solomon Jere, Katanga accused of stealing stranded cops’ money

About 30 police officers from the Mobile Unit and Kanfinsa who were deployed to Livingstone during the by election have demanded for their return to Lusaka.

And sources within the Zambia police service have disclosed that the same officers’ allowances have been reduced to Kr 182 instead of the Kr 650.

The officers who are camped at the former provincial administration block went to Livingstone on March 5, 2013 to go and maintain peace and order during the by election.

After the by election, the officers were not recalled and are still camped at the former cabinet office which they have turned as a police camp.

The officers have complained that they were tired of staying in Livingstone and without having any operations.

According to the information, they officers have not been informed of the stay or any future operations in Livingstone by their senior officers from Lusaka but have been kept in darkness.

A Source has disclosed that the officers are accusing the Deputy Inspector General of Police Dr. Solomon Jere and Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga of having reduced their daily allowances from the stipulated Kr 650 to Kr 182.

The source further said that the officers suspect that their stay in Livingstone has been necessitated by the two senior officers because they were sharing the money for the junior officers.

The sources revealed that it was actually the deputy inspector general who facilitated for the officers’operation and deployment to Livingstone.

“The DIG is the one who knew the operations in Livingstone and he is the one who got the money for the operations from Cabinet Office,” the source said.

“These officers did not know the genuineness of the operations and they were now demanding to be taken back home,” the source said.

“They are also demanding for the full package of their allowances which has been reduced,” the source said.

“These boys and girls are now living in hunger. They went to Livingstone for unknown mission and now that the whole division command has been moved to Choma they need to be brought back to Lusaka,” the source said.

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