Solomoni Jere steps in to punish RTSA boss

Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere has instructed Police Officers dealing with the case in which Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Director Zindaba Soko is charged with assault to make sure he suffers. Jere has ordered the police officers to prevail over the complainants against withdrawing the case.

Police sources have disclosed thatJere wants to use the situation to settle old scores with Mr. Soko on the who should control roadblocks.

“You know Soko and Jere do not get along. Jere wants the Police to be in-charge of road blocks but Soko says this is a jurisdiction of RTSA .

It is public knowledge that the two have differed on this matter. So when Jere heard that Soko has been charged with assault, he instructed officers to make sure that Soko appears in court,” the source said.

The source said Jere on the day Soko was arrested instructed his officers to immediately take him to court but Soko had to struggle to get a Police Bond.

The RTSA Chief Executive Officer was a few days ago arrested for alleged assault.

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